This is a What-If story staring the Thunderbolts and the Justice Guardians. After Princess Celestia has given birth to a healthy baby princess and after Rover gave up his physical form for the baby, she and her sister; Princess Luna name her Princess Courtney Elison. After the day of her birth, they declared to have a ceremony in honor of the newborn princess. Everyone is invited including the Justice Guardians.



The ceremony of Princess Courtney Elison

  • (Every toon from far and wide has come to the ceremony of the newborn Princess Courtney. The fanfare is suddenly heard as an announcer comes in)
  • The Royal Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the princesses who raise the sun and the moon; Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!!!
  • (The crowd cheers as Princess Luna comes in along with Princess Celestia who is holding the newborn baby princess)

Giving gifts to Baby Courtney

Maleficent's Curse on Baby Courtney

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