These are stories involving The Justice Guardians and their friends some years later in the future. (These are also what-if stories, meaning that it's currently unknown if certain events such as Terra and Ven's return will happen yet.)

Major Events in Justice Guardians GX

Story 1: Lily goes to Duel Academy

  • (Lily was checking her deck with Flurry Heart and Injection Fairy Lily was watching)

Story 2: BBQ Party

  • (The Justice Guardians are at the Toontown Park with some friends)
  • Xion: *playing soccer with Tammy, DJ, Snowflake, Lily, Flurry Heart, Steven and Ray Ray*
  • Ray Ray: *kicks the ball to the goal* you guy's don't stand a chance! haha!
  • Lily: *giggles* We'll see about that!!!
  • DJ: Bring it on!!
  • Courtney: *zooms in with her super speed and catches the ball from getting in the goal* Sorry, Ray Ray! You're going to have to think faster than that!

Story 3: Courtney vs Fang

  • (Fang is bullying Tammy and DJ while Courtney spies on them behind a tree)
  • Courtney: *comes out from behind the tree* Hey! Pick on somebody your own size!
  • Fang: Who are you?
  • Courtney: The name's Courtney! No one bullies my friends on my watch!
  • Fang: You can't tell me what to do! I can do whatever I want... Girly Girl!
  • Courtney: *angrily* My name is Courtney!
  • Fang: Exactly my point!
  • Eclipse: Hey, knock it off!
  • Little Betty: Why can't you be nice?
  • Fang: Why doesn't she go back to where she belongs? On the streets in a box!
  • Courtney: *runs towards Fang* YOU TAKE THAT BACK, JERK!
  • Eclipse: *stops Courtney* Courtney, no! Stop! Remember what your friends said.
  • Fang: Face it, Girly Girl! I'll always be better than you and nothing else!
  • Courtney: *walks away in grief* .......
  • Eclipse: Courtney! Come back! Please!
  • Little Betty: Wait for me!
  • (Courtney goes to the Justice Guardians estate to tell Jeffrey and Jaden that she was being bullied by Fang)
  • Courtney: *knocks on the door of the estate* Jaden! Jeffrey! It's me; Courtney! Are you there? I have something to tell you...
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