These are Valetines Day stories involving the Justice Guardians, The Thunderbolts, MPC, and the Rainbooms.

Story 1: Valentines Day Dance

  • (The Justice Guardians, The Thunderbolts, MPC, and the Rainbooms arrive at the Valentines Day Dance in some limos)
  • XR: Milady? *helps Courtney out of the limo and reveals she's in a beautiful dress*
  • Courtney: Thank you, XR. You're so sweet!
  • (They go inside to find the place decorated with hearts colored Red, White, Purple, and Pink)
  • The Rainbooms: Woooooooooooooow!
  • Wander: Pretty!
  • Kimiko: My favorite time!
  • Courtney: *grabs XR* Come on, XR! Let's dance!
  • XR: *blushes* Don't mind if I do!
  • (They head over to the dance floor and start dancing)
  • Courtney: *as she dances with XR* This is amazing. I can't believe we're dancing together at the Valentines Day Dance.
  • XR: *as he dances with Courtney* It sure is amazing...
  • Courtney: Oh, XR....
  • XR: Courtney...
  • (Courtney takes out a fan and covers their faces as they kiss each other on the lips)
  • Eclipse: Awwww.... That's so romantic!
  • (Patches suddenly shows up in a tuxedo)
  • Eclipse: *turns around to find Patches* Hi, Patches.
  • Patches: Uh, hey. Eclipse, do you mind if I dance with you?
  • Eclipse: Of course!
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