Jaden's Adventures Wiki

These are stories of the Justice Guardians, MPC, the Rainbooms, and the Thunderbolts being involved with Summer Vacation.

Story 1: The Rainbooms, MPC, and the Thunderbolts go to New York City

  • (The Thunderbolts, the Rainbooms, and the MPC are at the airport)
  • Courtney: Boy, oh boy! I can't wait to get to New York City!
  • XR: Same here, sweetheart.
  • (Unknown to them, Baby Skye is wearing a sports cap that says "I love New York" which is too big for her)
  • Baby Skye: *giggles*
  • Courtney: Oh, Skye... That sports cap is too big for you.

Story 2: The Thunderbolts visit the Justice Guardians Summer Home

  • (Courtney and the Thunderbolts were walking along until they see the Justice Guardians Summer Home)
  • Courtney: Whoa! Check it out, guys! It's the Justice Guardians Summer Home! I heard rumors about it, it used to be Pleasure Island before it was built.
  • Zak: Yeah right....
  • Courtney: No, Zak. It's REALLY true! It used to be Pleasure Island a long time ago, Jaden, Jeffrey, and their friends had to sneak in to Pleasure Island, save all of those children who have been turned into donkeys and change them back to human children, and avoid being caught by the Coachman, but after the Coachman escaped and Honest John and Gideon were arrested, they tore this place down and rebuilt it as a Summer Home. I wonder if Jaden, Jeffrey, and Hiccup are here... I was hoping to see it on the inside... *walks up to the front door and knocks on it* Hello? Is anyone there?