These are "What-If" Stories involving the Justice Guardians, the MPC, the Thunderbolts, and the Rainbooms.

Story 1: The Justice Guardians visit the Thunder Bakery

  • (Courtney is outside sweeping the front porch of the Thunder Bakery)
  • Courtney: *hums while sweeping the front porch*
  • (Jaden, Jeffrey, Hiccup and their friends were walking along until they see Courtney sweeping the porch of the Thunder Bakery)
  • Courtney: Phew! Sweeping the front porch is a bit work... The Thunder Bakery is not going to be this busy since there's gonna be hardly any customers.
  • Zak: Sweep that porch good, Courts. We need to keep it clean for any customers who are coming.
  • Courtney: I hope so... No one is coming today to try our delicious baked goods....

Story 2: Courtney's Secret

  • (Courtney is writing down some new information about the worlds in her journals)
  • Courtney: There. That's the Pride Lands journal updated about Scar being the leader of the Lion Guard and using the roar for evil instead of good. *puts the Pride Lands journal back on the book shelf*
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