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Juniper Lee's Adventures of The Princess and The Goblin Poster

Juniper Lee's Adventures of The Princess and The Goblin Was Published on Dec 28, 2015 and served as the finale to the Juniper Lee Movie Trilogy, serving as a conclusion to both Juniper Lee's Adventures of the Lion of OZ and Juniper Lee's Adventures of Dinotopia. despite being the weakest of the three it's conclusion was pivotal in launching the first Saga in "The New Adventures of Juniper Lee" Web Series.


the third and final film set in the Juniper Lee Movie Trilogy. This time Juniper travels to a far of realm to stop a deadly alliance being formed by the nefarious Goblin Prince Froglip and Maret, Grand Arch-Demon of the 6th Astral Plane. they plane to use the combine forces of Demon and Goblin races to overtake the surface world, thankfully she has the help of a brave boy named Curdie and the fair Princess Irene to stop the evil plots. News of Prince Froglips defeat has spread all over the galaxy and is picked by the Queen Castaspella of the planet Etheria, impressed by the recent victories in her sector (sector six which includes Earth and our galaxy, Oz, Dinotopia ect.) she sends She-Ra to find Juniper Lee and begin her training


  • the film was almost canceled 75% of the way through editing. due to lack of story material to work with.
  • Ray Ray and Monroe's roles were heavily cut for the final film, Ray Ray in particular was cut down to only a cameo at the start.
  • Junipers older brother Dennis was supposed to have a major role but was also cut because there was nothing for him to do.
  • the beginning alludes to the fact that Monroe has officially taken up training Ray Ray in the mystic arts.
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