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Juniper Lee's Adventures of Dinotopia Poster

Juniper Lee's Adventures of Dinotopia Was Published on Dec 4, 2015 to YouTube, and served as a follow up to Juniper Lee's Adventures of the Lion of OZ. the idea behind it was to make a sequel that was bigger and better than the original.


Juniper Lee and her friends return in this exciting sequel. after chasing down a run away orphan boy named kex Bradley, she finds herself in yet another unbelievable place this time surrounded by creatures thought extinct 65 millions years ago, after meeting some life long friends in 26 and Mara she discovers peace times are soon at an end. When an ancient Warlord from Dinotopia past sets out to ruin its future, Only Juniper Lee can save the day, with the help of her new friends she manages to find the Ruby Sun stone and stop Ogthar and his prehistoric thugs.


  • the idea of using Dinotpia as a setting was used to help cash in on the popularity of Dinosaurs in the Google+ and YouTube community's.
  • Juniper Lee's Adventures of Dinotopia is the longest adventure in the series clocking in at around an hour and 13 minutes.
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