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Frollo's demise.

"And he shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!" -Frollo about to strike Esmeralda and Quasi.

Judge Claude Frollo (voiced by Tony Jay, and later Corey Burton) is the main antagonist of Jaden meets the Hunchback of Notre Dame. His goal is to rid the city of Paris of gypsies, believing them to be evil. He is also Quasimodo's guardian. He has raised him ever since he killed Quasi's mother, but decided to spare him, mainly because of the Archdeacon, telling him to, in order to atone for what he did. He forbids Quasi from leaving the cathedral because of his "hideous" appearance. Frollo also tried to make the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda his mistress. However, his plans were thwarted by Quasi, Captain Phoebus, and Jaden. As a result of his failed plan, when he tried to finish of Esmeralda, and Quasimodo while standing on a gargoyle, however, it was breaking loose, and Frollo lost his footing, clinging on to creature, which then came to life and scared him. The statue then broke taking Frollo, who became terrified of the creature, plummeting a river of molten copper.


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