Joey Wheeler (voiced by Wayne Grayson) is a duelist who is Yugi's best friend. When Joey and Yugi were younger, He used to be a bully to Yugi, but when Yugi defended him from Ushio, the hall monitor, the two became friends, and understands him a lot better. He got into Duel Monsters when the game was introduced to him at school, not he used to the game and gets really lucky now with his matches. With his sister Serenity Wheeler's sight on the line, Joey became the runner-up at Duelist Kingdom. His deck is now based on luck with his ace being Red-Eyes Black Dragon, he also has Gilford The Lightning, Panther Warrior, Gearfried The Iron Knight, Jinzo, and Gearfried The Swordmaster, but his favorite will always be Flame Swordsman.



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