Jeffrey & Friends in Fantasmic! is a upcoming crossover to be made by tigerman531.    


Queen La is fed up with Jeffrey and his team ruining her plans. So she and a bunch of villains team up to get their revenge once and for all. During a vacation in Disneyland (or Walt Disney World), Jeffrey and the team visit Mickey Mouse and watch a show called Fantasmic! But suddenly, the villains appear to turn Mickey's dream into a nightmare and get their revenge! Can Mickey, Jeffrey and the others defeat the bad guys and save their dreams?  



  • "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space" sung by Audrey II.
  • "Ruber's song" sung by Ruber.
  • "Master of the Seas" sung by Captain Gutt.
  • "Big and Loud reprise" sung by Diamond Tiara.
  • "Big Bad Cat" sung by Patch and Zira.
  • "DuBois' song" sung by DuBois.
  • "Evilmania" sung by Queen Chrysalis.
  • "Snuff Out The Light" sung by Queen La.
  • "This Day Aria" sung by
  • More songs are being planned.
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