Jeffrey & Friends' Storm Adventures of Thomas & The Magic Railroad is a upcoming crossover to be made by tigerman531.


Jeffrey and his team have traveled to the Island of Sodor to visit Thomas the Tank Engine. At the same time, Mr. Conductor has arrived to the island to help keep a eye on things while Sir Topham Hatt is on a holiday. But trouble occurs when the evil diesel named Diesel 10 (along with Discord, Queen Chrysalis, Devious Diesel, Team Galatic, The College of Crooks, Dr. Blowhole, Ratigan, Cheetayta, Cheetahto, Ashcan and Pete) plans to destroy Lady, the lost engine whose magic makes her powerful. Now Thomas, Mr. Conductor, Jeffrey and the others must find the lost engine and stop the villains before more disaster happens. But they'll need some help from Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Burnett Stone, his granddaughter Lily, her friend Patch, Junior (Mr. Conductor's cousin) and some old friends of Jeffrey and the team: Timon, Pumbaa, Iago, Ponyo, Sosuke, his mother Lisa and Mystery Inc. Can the heroes find the lost engine and restore peace to the Island of Sodor and Shining Time Station before Diesel 10 and the villains destroy everything?


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