Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends meet TRON is a upcoming crossover that is to be made by Tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


Jeffrey and his friends meet Jaden Yuki and his team for the first time ever and travel to a buliding called ENCOM. There, they meet Kevin Flynn, a man who works there. But soon, they get teleported into the computer world where they must face the MCP, his evil chief Sark and some old enemies of theirs.



Epilogue: A new chapter begins

  • (The Justice Guardians and Team Slifer are enjoying themselves)
  • Baby Xion: *coos happily at Alexis*
  • Alexis: *smiles* Awwwwwwww. Hi there, cutie.
  • Baby Xion: *reaches out to her* A...
  • Alexis: *smiles and picks her up* I like you a lot already. Our time together has made me feel close with you.
  • Jaden: *comes by and smiles* Yeah. Kinda feels like we've been family for so long.
  • Baby Xion: *smiles*
  • Alexis: *gasps in surprise and stares at her* Sh-sh-she................. she said my name!!!!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* Aww.
  • Jaden: Wow! Jeffrey! Your daughter must see my girlfriend as someone important!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* She sure does.
  • Baby Xion: *smiles at Jaden* J...j...
  • Jaden: ....!!! Yes! Yes! You can do it! You can do it, Xion! Come on! I believe in you!
  • Baby Xion: J...*smiles* Jaden! *coos happily*
  • Jaden: *smiles and sheds a happy tear* Yes! Yes! That's my name! You said my name!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* She really likes you two. *thinks for a moment* You know...i was just thinking.
  • Jaden: What's up, bro?
  • Jeffrey: Since we've gotten to know each other, I was thinking if you guys would like to be Xion's uncle and aunt.
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