Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends meet George of the Jungle is a upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


Jeffrey, Jaden and their team travel to the jungles of Africa and meet a jungle man named George, who always swings and crashes into a tree. They meet a lady named Ursula, who George falls in love with.



Alexis's Gift

  • Alexis: Xion? There's something I want you to have.
  • Xion: Huh?
  • Alexis: *smiles and takes out her red scarf* Do you know what this is?
  • Xion: ...! Your mom's favorite scarf!
  • Alexis: *smiles* That's right. And now, I want you to have it, Xion.
  • Xion: *gasps* You mean it?
  • Alexis: *smiles* My mom passed it down to me, now I'm passing it down to you, Xion.
  • Xion: *smiles* Wow...
  • Alexis: *smiles* Go on, sweetie. Take it.
  • Xion: *takes it* Thank you, Aunt Alexis. I'll treasure it always.
  • Alexis: *smiles* I know you will.
  • (Xion puts the scarf on with Alexis' help)
  • Xion: *smiles* It's so pretty.
  • Alexis: *smiles* Just like you are, Xion.
  • Xion: *hugs Alexis*
  • Alexis: *hugs Xion back*
  • Xion: *smiles* I love you, Aunt Alexis.
  • Alexis: *smiles* I love you too, Xion. You're my favorite niece.
  • Xion: *giggles*
  • Alexis: *smiles and plants a kiss on Xion's cheek*
  • Xion: *smiles*

Jeffrey's Proposal to Aqua

  • Jeffrey: ....Aqua?
  • Aqua: Yes, Jeffrey?
  • Jeffrey: *gulps quietly and blushes red as he gets on one knee and slowly takes out a small box* ...Aqua, you know I love you. And I know you love me. So...before anything else happens...*sheds a single tear as he opens the box, revealing a beautiful ring with a blue diamond* ...will you marry me?
  • Aqua: *gasps happily and sheds tears* Oh Jeffrey.... YES! Yes I'll marry you!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles tearfully*
  • (The whole team cheers and applauds to this)
  • Xion: *smiles tearfully as she hugs them both*
  • Aqua: *hugs Xion tearfully*
  • Xion: I'm gonna have a mommy!
  • Aqua: *sheds a tear* And I'm gonna have a sweetheart daughter.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles and hugs them both*
  • Jaden: *smiles* Way to go, bro! I knew you could do it!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* Thank you, bro.
  • Alexis: Oh my gosh! They're gonna get married! This is so exciting!
  • Pikachu: Pikachu!
  • Beetles: Well than? What're we waiting for?! We've got plans to make!
  • (As everyone talked, Jeffrey and Aqua shared a passionate kiss with each other)
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