Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends join Men in Black is a upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


Jeffrey, Jaden and the team return to New York City and suddenly meets Agent K, a member of the secret organization, Men In Black. He recruits them and a cop named James (later named J) into MIB. But an evil bug from outer space arrives on Earth and takes the body of a famer to look for a powerful item called the Galaxy. He also teams up with Vanitas and Xigbar. Now Agent K, Agent J and our heroes must work together to stop the bug's plans and defeat him, Vanitas and Xigbar.



Tammy's Dream

  • (At night, Tammy is sleeping. As she sleeps she has a dream)
  • Announcer: And now, ladies and gentlemen! Introducing, the world's #1 heroic duo! Tammy and Xion!!!!
  • (The audience cheers as Xion and Tammy arrive)
  • Jaden: *clapping* They really are the best team ever!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles as he claps* I'm so proud of them.
  • Alexis: *clapping* Hooray for Tammy and Xion!!!
  • Aqua: *smiles as she claps*
  • Mushu: *to the crowd* Cheer louder, people! These are the #1 heroic duo we're cheering for here! Show them some love!
  • Shira: *sheds tears of happiness* That's my baby.
  • (Osiris, Isis, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna watch this proudly)
  • (Xion and Tammy smiles and waves)
  • Diego: *smiles proudly*
  • DJ: *smiles as he wags his tail*
  • Xion: *smiles at Tammy* You're the best sister i ever had!
  • Tammy: ....! You mean it?!?
  • Xion: You bet. I love you, Tammy!
  • Tammy: *jumps into Xion's arms* I wuv you too, big sister!!!
  • (The audience continues cheering)
  • (Outside her dream, Tammy nudges a bit in her sleep)
  • Tammy:...... I wuv you too big sister.......
  • Xion: *smiles as she sleeps*
  • Tammy: *wakes up* Huh........ Awwwww.... It was only a dream......
  • Xion: *still sleeping*
  • Tammy: *looks out the window and stares at the stars* ........ I hope some day...... my dream will come true.....

Jeffrey's Advice

  • Tammy: Mr. Dwagonheart? Can i talk to you?
  • Jeffrey: Sure, Tammy. What's up?
  • Tammy: I.... I have a dweam to someday be a hewoic duo with Xion.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* Aww. That's very sweet, Tam.
  • Tammy: I wanna impwess her enough to have my dweam come twue. How can I impwess her?
  • Jeffrey: Hm. Well, you can start by being there for her.
  • Tammy: Yeah?
  • Jeffrey: Yep.
  • Tammy: Anything else?
  • Jeffrey: Support her anytime she needs it. And when the time comes, you'll know what to do.
  • Tammy: You weawwy think this will hewp me win her admiwation?
  • Jeffrey: Of course. She already loves you, Tammy. And if this is important to you, I'll be glad to help.
  • Tammy: *smiles* Weawwy?!?
  • Jeffrey: *smiles and pets her* You bet.
  • Tammy: *purrs happily*
  • Jeffrey: Just remember to always be there for her and when the time comes, you'll know what to do.
  • Tammy: I will. Tank you, Mr. Dwagonheawt!
  • Jeffrey: You're welcome, kiddo.
  • Tammy: *leaps off the counter and walks out of the room*
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* She's got an amazing dream.
  • Xion: She sure does. *walks in the room from the other side*
  • Jeffrey: Huh?
  • Xion: I know all about her dream, daddy. I'm just pretending that I don't know about it for her sake.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* That's great, sweetie.
  • Xion: I want her dream to come true, but I wanna have there be an incident where she can feel like a hero and save me.
  • Jeffrey: Hm...
  • Xion: And when that time comes, I know she'll make me proud.
  • Jeffrey: So do i.

MiB Technology

  • Brain: *holding a neuralyzer* Wow! What's this do?! *uses it on himself* ....... What the....? *sees the neuralyzer he's holding* Wow! What's this do?! *uses it on himself* ....... What the....? *sees the neuralyzer he's holding* Wow! What's this do?! *uses it on himself* ....... What the....? *sees the neuralyzer he's holding* Wow! What's this-?!
  • Jeffrey: *snatches the neuralyzer* Will you stop that?!

Dreams come true

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