Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends enter The Black Hole is an upcoming crossover to be made by Ren the God of Humor and Tigerman531.


When a space crew and our heroes discover a long-lost ship near a black hole, they encounter a deranged scientist named Dr. Hans Reinhardt who wishes to drive the ship into the black hole and achieve ultimate knowledge.




  • Weebo: You know. Uh- Maybe you should just go without me?
  • Jaden: Why?
  • Weebo: Because I get carsick.
  • Batty: Oh, come on. You're not gonna blow chips. You don't have a stomach.
  • Weebo: I have a queasy gyro.
  • Jeffrey: Get over it, Weebo. This isn't about cars. This is about that ship King Mickey discovered in space. Now please get in here.
  • Weebo: *shows Shirley Temple crossing her arms on her monitor* No!
  • Xion: Come on, Weebo. *starts using the "cute look"* Please?
  • Weebo: Xion. You and the others will be fine without me.
  • Xion: *still using the cute look*
  • Weebo: *tries to ignore the cute look*
  • Xion: *nearly sheds a tear as she uses the cute look*
  • Weebo: Awwww. How can I say "no" to you, Xion?
  • Xion: *smiles*
  • (Weebo enters the ElementalMobile)
  • Botley: Sometimes, my girlfriend can get pretty stubborn.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* Hm.

Maxmillian and Reinhardt

  • Reinhardt: Please. Consider yourselves my guests.
  • Jaden: Thank you, sir.
  • Jeffrey: Thank you.
  • Dan: We won't impose on your hospitality, doctor. Just long enough to repair our ship.
  • Tammy: *looks around curiously while standing beside Xion*
  • Alex: And than we can offer you the means of returning to Earth.
  • Reinhardt: *smiles* What makes you think I want to return?
  • Jeffrey: *thinks to himself* He doesn't want to return to Earth?
  • Alex: The Cygnus is in danger of being destroyed here.
  • Xion: *stays close to Aqua*
  • (The cubs hide behind Xion's legs)
  • DJ: *gulps*

  • Botley: *hides behind Jeffrey, to Jeffrey* I don't trust this guy, Jeffrey.
  • Jeffrey: Why not?
  • Weebo: We believe his intentions to be hostile.
  • Patch: What do you mean?
  • Weebo: Hostile: meaning "unfriendly, aggressive." *shows the Three Stooges calling each other "dummkopf" on her monitor.*
  • Patch: I see your point...
  • Botely: Anyway, keep your guard up around "Red", Jeffrey.
  • Jeffrey: Well, all right.
  • (Maximilian approaches Jeffrey)
  • Jeffrey: ...! Uh oh.
  • Weebo: *hides behind Jeffrey*
  • Jeffrey: Now look, Maximilian. We don't want any trouble.
  • (V.I.N.C.E.N.T. gets in front of Jeffrey)
  • Jeffrey: Huh?
  • Charlie: Back off, VINCENT.
  • V.I.N.C.E.N.T: Not until he does.
  • B.E.N.: I'm with VINCENT. He's starting to creep me out...
  • Charlie: *to VINCENT* When you're nose to nose with a trash compactor, you cool it.
  • Reinhardt: *smiles* Now what does that remind me of? Oh yes! David and Goliath. A classic confrontation. Only this time, David is overmatched.
  • Jeffrey: Hmph.
  • Dan: Call him off, Doctor.
  • B.E.N: *gulps as he hides behind Jeffrey*
  • (Reinhardt doesn't respond)
  • Dan: I said call him off!!!!
  • Reinhardt: *turns around, calmly* On my ship you ask, captain.
  • Dan: Indeed. Please call him off, Doctor.
  • Xion: *nervously hugs Aqua's leg*
  • Jeffrey: *growls quietly*
  • Reinhardt: ........ *smiles, to Maximilian* Maximilian? Remember: These are our guests.
  • (Maximilian looks at V.I.N.C.E.N.T. one more time before backing away)
  • Xion: *sighs in relief*
  • Aqua: *strokes her fingers through Xion's hair*
  • Botley: *glares at Maximilian without Reinhardt looking*
  • Jeffrey: *whispers to Botley* Easy.
  • Botley: *whispers* This guy makes my circuits shake...
  • Jeffrey: *whispers* I won't let him bother us.

Botley, Weebo and V.I.N.C.E.N.T. vs. Maximillian

The family gets bigger

  • (On Mortu's ship)
  • Mortu: Glad you're all safe.
  • Jeffrey: Yeah.
  • Lea: I must say, you guys are CRAZY on your Adventures.
  • Xion: You'd be really surprised how crazy things get for us.
  • Lea: *smiles* And I like it. It's better than being bored.
  • Xion: *smiles* Glad you like it, Lea.
  • Lea: Hey. Where do I sign up to join you guys permanently?
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* What do you think, Jaden?
  • Jaden: Well, Xion sure likes him a lot.
  • Xion: *smiles and hugs Lea*
  • Jeffrey: Well, then. Welcome aboard, Lea.
  • Lea: I could get used to this.
  • Sylvia: You guys sure lead one heck of a life.
  • Scamper: Tell me about it....
  • Sylvia: ...You know, Wander and i talked it over. And we figured maybe the two of us could stick around with you guys. You know what i mean.
  • Wander: *grabs the brim of his hat excitingly* Can we join too?!?
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* Sure, you can. Right, bro?
  • Jaden: *smiles* I don't see why not.
  • Wander: WHOO!!
  • Aqua: *smiles* Welcome aboard you three.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles, then kisses Aqua on the lips*
  • Aqua: *kisses Jeffrey back on the lips*
  • Jeffrey: *smiles*
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