S1e3a Wander The appropriate racing-the-clock

Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Wander Over Yonder - The Good Deed is an upcoming crossover to be made by Ren the God of Humor and Tigerman531.




Stopping the feud

  • Wander: *appears as a Judge* Hear ye, hear ye! Order in the court! *slams a gavel* As judge and prosecutionor, I demand justice! Plaintiff, how do you plea?
  • Wander: *appears as a lawyer* Not guilty, your honor!
  • Wander: *as a judge* Solicitor general?
  • Wander: *appears as a different lawyer* Also not guilty!
  • Wander: *as a judge* Members of the jury?
  • Pinkie Pie: Not guilty!
  • Jaden: Nonsense! I find them innocent!
  • Jeffrey: Agreed! Innocent!
  • Wander: *as lawyer 1* Overruled!
  • Wander *as lawyer 2* Objection!
  • Wander: *as lawyer 1* I said it first!
  • Wander: *as lawyer 2: I said it second!
  • DJ: Innocent!
  • Tammy: No! Not guilty!
  • DJ: *to Tammy, playfully* Innocent!
  • The Mask: The evidence points to the fact that they are not guilty!!!
  • Midna: I say they're innocent.
  • Jesse: How can you be so blind?! It's clear they're not guilty!!!
  • Xion: Yeah, right. I say innocent!
  • (As the arguing continues, Wander appears as a businesswoman typing on a typewriter)
  • DJ: *to Tammy* Innocent!
  • Tammy: *to DJ* Not guilty!
  • Jaden: They're innocent!!!
  • The Mask: *mimics buzzer* Not guilty!!!