Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of The Newsies is an upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.



  • Alexis is pregnant during this Adventure, and Jaden makes it his top priority to keep her safe at all times.
  • Jeffrey also makes it his top priority to defend Alexis during her pregnancy, though he knows that she isn't helpless.


  • The World Will Know
  • King of New York


Jaden's concern

  • Jaden: *pacing around nervously*
  • Meowth: Hey, are you okay?
  • Jaden: ..... Maybe I should've left Alexis back home....
  • Applejack: She's fine, Jaden.
  • Jaden: I know but.... Our Adventures are not always safe...
  • Jeffrey: Jaden, I'm as worried as you are. But Alexis already said that she isn't helpless.
  • Jaden: I know she's not helpless! I didn't say that! I just... don't wanna lose her or the baby...
  • Jeffrey: And neither do i...
  • Princess Cadence: It's all right, you two. Alexis will be fine and so will the baby.
  • Jaden: I just wish I can relax about this...
  • Princess Cadence: *smiles* I know you're worried. But i know you'll make a great father.
  • Jaden: You really think so?
  • Princess Cadence: Of course i do.
  • Jaden: .... I'm gonna protect Alexis with my life until the baby comes!
  • Jeffrey: So will i.
  • Xion: I'll help protect Aunt Alexis too!
  • Aqua: And I'll be there for her too. *smiles* But don't you and Jeffrey worry, Jaden. Things will be all right.
  • Jaden: *sheds a happy tear and hugs Aqua*
  • Aqua: *hugs Jaden back* To tell you the truth, I'm excited too.
  • Princess Cadence: We all are. Things will be different when the baby arrives.
  • Jaden: *smiles* You'll be a wonderful aunt, Aqua!
  • Aqua: *smiles* Thank you.
  • Jaden: And Jeffrey. *smiles* I know you'll help keep my baby safe when she's born.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* That's a promise, little bro.
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