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Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of The Lion Guard is an upcoming TV series to be made by Ren the God of Humor and Tigerman531.


The Justice Guardians join forces with the Lion Guard, led by Simba's son Kion, to protect the Pride Lands from enemies like Janja and his hyena pack and defend the Circle of Life.


  • The Rise of Makuu
  • Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots
  • Bunga the Wise
  • Can't Wait to Be Queen
  • Eye of the Beholder
  • The Kupatana Celebration
  • Fuli's New Family
  • The Search of Utamu
  • Follow that Hippo!
  • The Call of the Drongo
  • Paintings and Predictions
  • The Mbali Fields Migration
  • Bunga and the King
  • Too Many Termites
  • The Trouble with Galagos


  • During this series, Diego and his family become very close friends with Simba and his family.
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