Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Men in Black III is an upcoming Jeffrey, Jaden and Friends' Storm Adventures crossover created by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor. It's the sequel to Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Men in Black II.


Jeffrey, Jaden and the team once again reunite with Agent J and the Men in Black. When a Boglodite alien named Boris the Animal breaks out of prison and seeks revenge on Agent K, he travels back in time and kills Agent K, thus rewriting history and preventing his species from becoming extinct. Now, Agent J, Jeffrey, Jaden, and the team must travel back in time to one day before Boris' arrival and keep history on course.



Head Bowling

  • Jeffrey: *snickers*
  • Diego: Feel like talking now?
  • Head: Forget it!
  • Aqua: Bad news for you. My husband here is a champion bowler.
  • Jeffrey: *smirks* She's right.
  • Head: I don't care who you are! Take a hike!
  • Jeffrey: Okay. *grabs the head and starts bowling*
  • Head: *while rolling* I'll get you for this, four-eyes!! *hits all 10 pins down* Ow!
  • Jeffrey: Strike!
  • Aqua: *smiles* That's my champion husband. *kisses his cheek*
  • Jeffrey: *smiles*
  • Jaden: Sweet move big bro!
  • Xion: Way to go, daddy!
  • Jeffrey: Thanks, guys!
  • (The head rolls back to Jeffrey)
  • Jeffrey: Now you wanna talk?
  • Head: I'll get you for this, four-eyes!
  • Jeffrey: Sure, you will. *rolls the head again*
  • Head: *while rolling* That's it! I'll bury you alive when I get my head back! *hits all 10 pins down again* Oof!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* Hm.
  • Jesse: Awesome! Two strikes in a row!
  • Jeffrey: Thanks, Jesse.
  • DJ: You've got some cool moves there, Mr. Dragonheart!
  • Jeffrey:Thank you, DJ. *pets him*
  • DJ: *purrs happily*
  • Jeffrey: *smiles*
  • (Head rolls back to Jeffrey)
  • Jeffrey: Well? Gonna talk or not?
  • J: Hey, man. It's my turn now. You bowled twice already.
  • Jeffrey: *shrugs* He's all yours, J.

Final Battle

  • (2012 Boris is about to shoot K)
  • Rainbow Dash: We've gotta stop them!
  • Jaden: Hang on! What's the one thing Boris hates so much?!
  • Sylvia: Being called "Boris the Animal"!
  • Jaden: Right! *to Boris* HEY! Boris the Animal!
  • Boris: *tries to ignore it*
  • Jeffrey: We're talking to you, Boris the Animal!
  • Boris: ...! *growls*
  • Jesse: Hey! We're callin' you out, Boris the Animal!!
  • Boris: Don't call me that!
  • Tammy: What're you gonna do about it, Boris the Animal?!
  • (Angered, Boris prepares to fight the team)
  • Agent J: Hey! Boris the Animal!!!
  • Boris: *angrily* IT'S JUST BORIS!!!!!!!
  • Jeffrey: *summons his Keyblade* Let's dance, "Boris"! Or can i still call you Boris the Animal?
  • Xion: Nice one, daddy.
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