Enemee elementary

Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Kirby Right Back At Ya! - eNeMeE Elementary is an upcoming crossover to be made by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.




  • (Tammy is working on her homework)
  • Xion: ...Tammy.
  • Tammy: Not now, big sister. I'm busy.
  • Xion: Tammy, look at yourself. You don't even go to school.
  • Tammy: I've gotta get my homework done. I don't wanna get yelled at again by the teachers.
  • Xion: You won't.
  • Tammy: You and Tiff stood up to them today, and they were still nasty as ever.
  • Xion: That's why we can't stop them on our own. Tammy...i need you.
  • Tammy: Maybe later. *reads her paper* "Who's ancestor's ruled thousands of years ago?" It's Dedede. *circles the answer*
  • Xion: Tammy!
  • (This surprises her)
  • Xion: Listen to yourself. You are being controlled by that moron Dedede!!
  • Tammy: *shakes her head* What was I thinking?
  • Xion: *hugs her*
  • Tammy: I'm so sorry, Xion...
  • Xion: It's okay.
  • Tammy: Excuse me... *rips up her homework*
  • Xion: *smiles*
  • Tammy: What's next, big sister?
  • Xion: First we gotta get DJ and Snowflake to snap out of it.
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