Ep72 Waddle While You Work2

Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Kirby Right Back At Ya! - Waddle While You Work is an upcoming crossover to be made by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


Having a HUGE debt to pay to Nightmare Enterprises, King Dedede starts to sell off his Waddle Dee servants to the Cappies. Everybody starts buying them and DreamLand becomes a boom-town, but after Dedede sells every single Waddle Dee, he soon realizes that a kingdom without servants is a lonely one.


  • Baby Lily manages to spot Kirby painted as a Waddle Dee.


Where's Kirby?

  • (The Justice Guardians, Tiff and Tuff are searching around Cappy Town for Kirby)
  • Jeffrey: Hm...
  • Jaden: Strange.... Where could Kirby have gone...?
  • Jeffrey: Not sure.
  • Scamper: How can we lose someone pink and round like Kirby?
  • Xion: I'm sure he's here somewhere.
  • (Kawaski and Tuggle pass by)
  • Tuggle: *smiles* I have to practically turn away customers!
  • Kawaski: *smiles* My business has never been better!
  • Tuggle: With all these Waddle Dee's moving in, Cappy Town's become a boom town!
  • DJ: *sarcastically* Glad they're enjoying themselves.
  • Midna: Everyone's benefiting from the Waddle Dee's. Simple-minded Cappies...
  • Jeffrey: Ugh...
  • Tiff: Looks like the Waddle Dee's are here to stay...
  • Xion: *shakes her head in disappointment*
  • Tuff: Still no sign of Kirby.
  • Snowflake: Where could he be?
  • (Jesse and several of the Justice Guardians come back)
  • Jaden: Any luck yet?
  • Jesse: Afraid not. We couldn't find Kirby...
  • Batty: We looked everywhere. Not a trace. Zippo.
  • Apple Bloom: I think we have our work cut-out for us.
  • Fluttershy: I do hope he's okay...
  • Tiff: Maybe we should try the sheep pasture.
  • Jeffrey: Right.
  • (They arrive at the sheep pasture where a bunch of sheep are being herded by a group of Waddle Dee's and Kirby who is still painted as a Waddle Dee)
  • Tiff: Only sheep and Waddle Dee's.
  • Spike: Just as I thought...
  • Xion: Hm...
  • Baby Lily: *looks at the sheep and Waddle Dee's and suddenly spots one with a pink face and gasps in surprise*
  • Scootaloo: Where else can we look?
  • Baby Lily: Guys!!! Hey guys!!!
  • Nails: Not now, Lily. We need to focus on looking for Kirby.
  • Baby Lily: But I think that-!!!
  • Nathan: You know where to search for next? Where?
  • Baby Lily: ..... *sighs* Why won't anyone wisten to me...?
  • Xion: ...Hm. I'll search with her.
  • Aqua: Don't go too far now, my little princess.
  • Xion: I promise.
  • Jaden: Keep your communicator watch on.
  • Xion: I will. *picks Baby Lily up*
  • (As the rest of the team departs leaving Xion with the cubs, Lea and Baby Lily)
  • Baby Lily: *to Xion* I tink I see Kiwby!!
  • Xion: Where?
  • Baby Lily: *points down at the sheep pasture* Thewe!!!
  • Snowflake: *looks* All I see are sheep and Waddle Dee's.
  • Xion: You sure you saw him?
  • Baby Lily: Uh-huh!!
  • Lea: *stares* You need glasses, kid? I don't see Kirby down there and he stands out pretty easily for his color.
  • Baby Lily: *pouts*
  • Xion: Hold on. Maybe we should check to be sure.
  • Tammy: ....... Yeah. I trust Lily after all.
  • DJ: Me too.
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