Meal Moocher 6

Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Kirby Right Back At Ya! - The Meal Moocher is an upcoming crossover to be made by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


Wanting to try new meals, King Dedede and Escargoon start a new show called "Millions for a Meal" where Dedede wil visit someone's home and rate their food and hospitality for millions of money. But Dedede isn't aware how much dough he has left in his account.



Dinner with the Ebrum family

  • (King Dedede, Escargoon, and several Waddle Dee's come in)
  • Escargoon: Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!
  • Jeffrey: *to himself* Oh, no.
  • Escargoon: Time to play our game so-
  • King Dedede: Let's eat!!!
  • Escargoon: Ah! Sir Ebrum's daughter Tiff and Jeffrey's daughter Xion are always saying our channel stinks, but as you can see they're glued to the set.
  • (The Waddle Dee holding the camera shows Tiff, Tuff, Kirby, Xion, the cubs and Baby Lily watching the TV)
  • Xion: ...? Do you mind?
  • Tiff: Go away!!!! *tosses a pillow at Escargoon and the Waddle Dee*
  • Xion: Hmph.
  • Tammy: Thanks, Tiff.
  • DJ: Oh, brother.
  • Escargoon: *dizzy* Now back to our main course...
  • Baby Lily: ...?
  • Tuff: Hey! When do WE get to eat?!
  • Tiff: You're not the only one with a stomach, you know!!
  • Xion: This is getting ridiculous.
  • Tammy: Yeah! I'm getting hungry!!
  • DJ: Me too! I'm so hungry that I could practically eat a whole zebra or something!
  • Snowflake: I'm with ya, DJ.
  • (After several more minutes, Dedede finishes his dinner.)
  • Dedede: *rubs his belly* Boy. I'm done stuffed like a turkey!!
  • (Kirby, who saw this on the TV, became upset)
  • Baby Lily: *gently hugs Kirby*
  • Xion: Poor Kirby.
  • Alexis: If any luck, Dedede will get indegestion...
  • Aqua: I'll be surprised if there will be any food left in Cappy Town by the time Dedede is done.
  • Jeffrey: ....!!!! Now that's a scary thought...
  • Aqua: *chuckles nervously* Sorry, dear.
  • Jeffrey: It's fine, but let's hope we don't run outta food.
  • Escargoon: So your highness? How do you rate your dinner with the Ebrum family?
  • (The Waddle Dee's do a drum roll as Dedede works on his review)
  • (Sir Ebrum and Lady Like look a bit worried and feel anxiety)
  • Jeffrey: *waits patiently while feeling bored too*
  • Jaden: *crosses his arms uninterested in what's going on*
  • Xion: *rolls her eyes*
  • (The Cappy's watching the show on their TV's anxiously await the results)
  • AppleJack: *unimpressed* Here it comes...
  • King Dedede: *holds up a sign with five stars on it*
  • Escargoon: And there you have it, folks!!! The King gives tonight's meal a five star rating! That means Sir Ebrum and Lady Like have won 5 million big ones!!!
  • Baby Lily: *yawns*
  • Bartok: *money symbols appear in his eyes* Wowie!!!!
  • Batty: So much money...
  • Shira: Guys. We're already rich. So don't get any ideas.
  • Batty: Awww...
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