Dedede's Raw Deal

Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Kirby Right Back At Ya! - Dedede's Raw Deal is an upcoming crossover to be made by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


With help from King Dedede, Kawasaki turns his restuarant into a sushi bar. It becomes a success for a while with a lot of customer's buying his sushi, but 



Dedede's Revolving Sushi Bar

  • King Dedede: *smiles* When something catches your eye, just help yourself!
  • Jeffrey: *hears his stomach growl*
  • Aqua: *smiles* Might as well, dear.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles and licks his lips* Anyone else?
  • Alexis: *smiles* Let's do it. I don't think Dedede is up to something this time.
  • Xion: I am rather hungry anyway.
  • Gengu: *smiles and takes a plate* Well, I'll have the tuna!
  • Baby Lily: *coos happily*
  • Doctor Yabui: *takes a plate of sushi* This one looks good!
  • DJ: Wow! They got my favorites!
  • Tammy: *smiles* Mine too!
  • Snowflake: *smiles* Cool!
  • Random Cappy: *takes a plate of sushi* Oh boy!
  • Jeffrey: *takes a plate of shrimp sushi* Mmm.
  • Tuggle: *takes a plate of sushi* I'll give this one a try!
  • Xion: *smiles* Shall we?
  • Hana: *picks up a plate of sushi* Oh yum!
  • Jesse: *smiles and takes a plate of snapper sushi* This one looks tasty!
  • Meowth: *takes a plate of tuna sushi* My favorite!
  • Tuff: I sure am hungry! *takes a plate of sushi* It looks weird. *smiles* But I'll try!
  • Baby Lily: *giggles*
  • Tiff: *smiles and takes a plate* Me too! I'll have this!
  • Scootaloo: Wow. This is another rare moment. Tiff having fun with something related with Dedede.
  • Apple Bloom: We'd better enjoy this while we can.
  • Jaden: *takes salmon sushi and smiles* I'll try the salmon!

  • (Jeffrey reaches for a plate of sushi)
  • Jaden: ....!!!!! *quickly smacks Jeffrey's hand!*
  • Jeffrey: Ow! What was that for?
  • Jaden: That's eel sushi, bro!!!
  • Jeffrey: ...! Oh. *chuckles nervously* Oops. Almost forgot.
  • Aqua: We'll need to be more careful about which dishes are eel.
  • Xion: You're right.
  • Jaden: Sorry for smacking you, big bro.
  • Jeffrey: It's okay, little bro. In fact, thanks.
  • Jaden: *takes a dish* Here. This is your favorite fish. *gives it to Jeffrey*
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* Thanks. I love Cod.
  • Jesse: *takes a sea bass sushi dish* For once, I'm actually enjoying Kawasaki's food.
  • Jeffrey: I agree. This looks amazing.
  • Tammy: *takes a swordfish sushi* It's a cat's paradise!
  • DJ: *takes a salmon sushi* You said it, Tam!
  • Snowflake: *smiles and takes a tuna sushi* Tuna!!! My favorite!!!
  • DJ: *smiles*
  • Lea: Hmmmmm..... What to choose.....?
  • Xion: Your choice.
  • Dedede: *smiles* If you don't see what you want, ask the chef!
  • Lea: Fair enough.
  • Tammy: Can I have more swordfish, please?
  • Xion: *smiles*
  • DJ: I'll try lobster.
  • Snowflake: Make that two.
  • Chief Bookum: Can you make me more tuna?!
  • Mayor: For me too!
  • Xion: *smiles* I'll have Cod please.
  • Melman: I'll try eel.
  • Jeffrey: *to himself* Good thing i didn't try it.
  • Aqua: Glad others can eat eel without getting sick...
  • Xion: Yeah...
  • Gengu: Salmon please!!
  • Shira: *smiles* I'd like salmon too, please!
  • Diego: *smiles* So do i! Please!
  • Tuggle: I want shrimp!!
  • Lea: Shrimp sounds good.
  • Mable: Got anything spicy?
  • Midna: Oh, what the heck? I'll try some tuna please.
  • Kawaski: *smiles as he makes more sushi* Coming right up!!
  • Random Cappy: Mackerel, please!!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles*
  • Mr. Curio: More sea trout!
  • Aqua: *smiles* Could I have some crab sushi please?
  • Jeffrey: Make that two please!
  • Jaden: Can I have herring?
  • Kawaski: *smiles as he makes more sushi* Okay!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles*
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