Secret Society

Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Justice League - Secret Society is an upcoming crossover to be made by Ren the God of Humor and tigerman531.




  • Shade: *smirks* Remember me?
  • Aqua: ...!!! No!!! Not you!!!
  • Jeffrey: *gasps*
  • Shade: *smirks* Are you afraid of the dark, girl? *points his nightstick at Aqua*
  • Aqua: *backs away slowly*
  • Jeffrey: Get away from her!!
  • Shade: Why would I do that when I hold her weakness? *shouts a cloud of darkness at Aqua*
  • Jeffrey: NO!! *jumps into the cloud of darkness*
  • Aqua: JEFFREY!!!! No!!!!
  • Jeffrey: I won't let you suffer from the darkness again!!!
  • Shade: *smirks, to Aqua* This is even better. Watching your love be entrapped by the darkness instead of you.
  • Aqua: *gasps*
  • Alexis: I don't think so!!!
  • (Cyber Angel Benten attacks Shade, causing the cloud of darkness to vanish)
  • Aqua: Jeffrey!!! *rushes to him* Are you okay?!?
  • Jeffrey: *groans, but smiles* I'm fine, Aqua.

Round 1

  • Jaden: *charges at Killer Frost*
  • Killer Frost: *smirks and grabs Jaden by the head*
  • Aqua: Jaden!
  • Killer Frost: *flash-freezes Jaden and drops him*
  • (Luckily, Aqua catches him)
  • Aqua: Jaden! Are you okay?!
  • Jaden: *moans* Can't........ move......
  • (Aqua gets a flashback to when Master Xehanort froze Ventus and she held him)
  • Aqua: I've got you, little brother.
  • Killer Frost: *sees this and smirks* Don't worry about him. You and the rest will be joining him!
  • Aqua: Never!
  • Killer Frost: *prepares to attack Aqua*
  • Aqua: *growls* Fire! *uses a fire attack at Killer Frost*
  • Killer Frost: *counter attacks with a ball of ice*
  • Aqua: I'll get you outta here, Jaden.
  • Jaden: *struggling to move* No! You..... you need.... my help!
  • Aqua: You're in no condition to fight.
  • Jeffrey: Hurry, Aqua! Get Jaden to safety!!
  • Aqua: Right! *carries Jaden somewhere*
  • Jaden: *moans as he struggles to move*
  • Aqua: Please, Jaden. I can't let you get hurt. Rest for now. I'll stay with you.
  • Jaden: *struggles to get up* But our friends...
  • Aqua:'s okay.
  • (She puts Jaden's head on her lap)
  • Jaden: *still struggles to move* This is.... really.... uncomfortable....
  • Aqua: You'll be okay.

  • (After the Secret Society escapes...)
  • Jeffrey: Jaden! *rushes to him*
  • Jaden: *still struggles to move* Did... we win...?
  • Jeffrey: Hang on. *uses a small heating spell on Jaden*
  • (This thaws Jaden out)
  • Jaden: *sighs* That's a lot better. I can stretch again.
  • Jeffrey: I'm glad you're okay.
  • Jaden: So did we catch Shade and the others?
  • Jeffrey: Not exactly.
  • Jaden: ...! What?!
  • Jeffrey: They kicked our butts, bro.
  • Aqua: ...!
  • Jeffrey: I'm sorry.
  • Aqua: Don't blame yourself.

Round 2

  • Giganta: *grows bigger*
  • Meowth: ...! Uh oh!
  • Jeffrey: *smirks* You're not the only one who can change in size!
  • (Then Jeffrey turns into his dragon form!)
  • Giganta: *smirks* Let's rumble, big boy!
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smirks and roars at Giganta*
  • Giganta: *starts to wrestle with Dragon-Jeffrey*
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *growls and smirks* Gotta warn you! I don't give up so easily! *tries knocking Giganta off him*

  • Giganta: You wouldn't hit a woman would you?!
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: ...!
  • Aqua: But i would! *hits Giganta with her Keyblade*
  • Giganta: *falls over in defeat*
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: ...! *blushes* Wow.
  • Jaden: *chuckles and elbows Dragon-Jeffrey* Impressed?
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles* What a woman.
  • Jaden: *smiles* Yeah. YOUR woman.
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *growls happily*
  • Xion: *smiles* You go, mommy!!!
  • Aqua: *smiles*
  • Shade: *attempts to punch Batman*
  • (Superman gets in the way and takes the hit)
  • Shade: *breaks his hand* I knew this wouldn't work! I knew it! *attempts to run away*
  • (Batman uses his grappling hook to catch Shade)
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