Only A Dream

Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Justice League - Only a Dream is an upcoming crossover created by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


The Justice League, Jaden, Jeffrey and the team must face a evil man known as Dr. Destiny who has the power to enter their dreams and turn them into nightmares.


  • Princess Luna will guest star in this.
  • Jeffrey will go after John Dee along with Batman.
  • Berkeley Beetles, Nails the Spider, will become victims of Doctor Destiny's nightmares.


Vs. Firefly and Volcana

  • (At an warehouse house)
  • Female cop: Volcana!!! Firefly!!! You're completely surrounded!!! There's no way!!!
  • Volcana: *smirks and crosses her arms* How many times have I heard THAT in my life? *to Firefly* Almost ready?
  • Firefly: *puts on his mask and takes out his flamethrower* Oh yeah!!
  • Volcana: That's your flamethrower?
  • Firefly: Wait 'til you see how I use it?
  • (Firefly steps outside and uses his flamethrower at the cops, but the cops fire back with their guns, forcing Firefly to step back inside the warehouse*
  • Volcana: *smiles* That's alright, honey. *smirks and charges up her fire power*
  • (Volcana unleashes her fire power at the cops' cars, making them explode)
  • Firefly: *watching Volcana use her power* I think I'm in love.
  • Volcana: *is about to burn the female cop*
  • Rainbow Dash: *off-screen* Not so fast, hotheads!!
  • (Green Lantern uses his ring's power to save the female cop)
  • (The Justice Guardians come in)
  • Jaden: Didn't anyone ever tell you two never to play with fire?!
  • Jeffrey: Well, playtime's over!
  • Volcana: *blows a firey kiss with Green Lantern and the team*
  • Jesse: Whoa!!! *avoids it*
  • Meowth: *avoids it* This isn't my idea of my first kiss!
  • Aqua: Time to take these two down, cold style!!!
  • Xion: *summons her Keyblade* Deep Freeze!! *blasts a powerful ice attack at Volcana*
  • Volcana: *counters with a ball of fire*
  • Xion: Whoa!
  • Firefly: *uses his flamethrower at Jeffrey*
  • Jeffrey: *growls and breathes fire back at him*
  • (Both sides of fire collide with each other)
  • Xion: Go, daddy!
  • Firefly: *using his flamethrower* Look who's the hothead now!!!
  • Jeffrey: Big talk, tough guy! *punches Firefly*
  • Firefly: OOF!!! *Growls and points his flamethrower at Xion*
  • Xion: *gasps*
  • Aqua: Leave my daughter alone, bug!!!! *does Strike Raid at Firefly*
  • Xion: *sighs in relief* Thanks, mommy!
  • Aqua: Don't thank me yet, sweetie!!!!
  • (Green Lantern fights back at Volcana using his ring's power)
  • Jaden: Go Elemental Hero Bubbleman!!!
  • (Bubbleman gets summoned)
  • Jaden: Attack!!!
  • (Bubbleman attacks Volcana)
  • (Firefly flies to Volcana)
  • Firefly: I got your back!

Batman and Jeffrey vs. Doctor Destiny

  • (Batman and Jeffrey arrive at the LexCorp warehouse)
  • Jeffrey: *sniffs the air briefly* He's here. I smell him.
  • Batman: Let's hurry. We gotta get him before anyone else ends up like his wife.
  • Jeffrey: *nods* Right.

Goodnight Jeffrey

  • (Jeffrey is fast asleep in a bed) 
  • Nails: ...? Boss?
  • Jeffrey: *sleeping peacefully*
  • (Nails tries to get to Jeffrey, but Aqua stops him)
  • Aqua: *smiles, goes to Jeffrey and kisses him on the lips* Goodnight, my cuddly dragon.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles as he sleeps*
  • Xion: *smiles and kisses Jeffrey's cheek* Goodnight, daddy.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles as he sleeps peacefully*
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