Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Justice League - Legends is an crossover to be made by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, J'onn, The Flash, Jaden, Jeffrey and some members of the team are teleported to a parallel world protected by superheroes based on comic books from Lantern's childhood. But this world holds a secret that explains why the real heroes are dead. What's that secret?


  • Another clue the team finds is America's Presidents ending at John F. Kennedy.
  • Spike and the CMC will be with Hawkgirl when she discovers the Justice Guild of America's graves.
  • Book titles mentioned in this episode include "The Canterbury Tales", "Moby Dick", "Frankenstein", "Alice in Wonderland",


Music Master

  • (An alarm bell goes off)
  • Xion: Huh?
  • Beetles: Sounds like trouble!
  • Jeffrey: *to Jaden* We'd better help out.
  • (The noise comes from the Music Center, and a man in a pinkish suit and orange hair comes out with Stradivarius)
  • Music Master: *smirks* Priceless.
  • (A police siren is heard)
  • Jeffrey: *hears it* Sirens.
  • (A police car comes over an two cops come out)
  • Sergeant O'Shaughnessey: Music Master!!! Put up your hands and drop the Stradivarius!!
  • Music Master: Sorry, Sergeant. I don't take requests.
  • (He uses his accordion to create a deadly a high intensity sound wave and destroy the police car)
  • Music Master: *laughs and gets in his clarninet-shaped vehicle, driving away with the Stradivarius*
  • Spike: I've heard of the term "kill the music", but music that can kill sounds too crazy to me.
  • Aqua: We have to stop that guy!! Whoever he is...
  • Jeffrey: Right! Let's go!
  • (Green Lantern, Flash and the Justice Guardians go after Music Master)
  • Jaden: *activates his Duel Disk*
  • Jeffrey: *summons his Keyblade*
  • (Green Lantern stops the Music Master with his ring by grabbing part of the clarinet car)
  • Green Lantern: Not so fast!!

Ice cream

  • Ice Cream Man: Sorry I've gotta finish my route. Can't keep my customers waiting.
  • GL: What customers? We've noticed you before. You've never stopped.
  • Aqua: How can you sell ice cream if you won't stop for your customers?
  • Ice Cream Man: Um... Business has been kinda dead.
  • Jaden: In that case, I'll have a plain vanilla on a cone, please.
  • Ice Cream Man: Um... S-s-sorry. I'm.... all out.... of.... vanilla.
  • Jeffrey: ...Strawberry, then. Please.
  • Ice Cream Man: Oh! Uh..... I'm uh.... f-fresh out... of.... strawberry.
  • Jeffrey: Hm...
  • GL: *grabs the ice cream man* When's the last time you've actually sold any ice cream?
  • Jesse: Do you even HAVE any ice cream?
  • Ice Cream Man: *whispers* Please! No more questions! He might hear you!
  • Xion: "He"?
  • GL: Who?
  • Ice Cream Man: I can't say anymore. *drives away* Have a nice day!
  • Jaden: He's obviously hiding something.
  • Jeffrey: I agree.
  • Xion: I don't understand. Why would he go around selling ice cream when he doesn't have any at all?
  • Aqua: I don't know, Xion.
  • Alexis: And who do you think he meant when he said "he"?
  • Jeffrey: I'm not sure actually. My guess is probably whoever is responisble for all of this.
  • Jaden: Someone that's feared in my opinion.
  • Jeffrey: ...Hm.
  • Spike: But this still doesn't explain what's going on here.
  • Applejack: Well, we're not gonna find out by standing around.


  • Hawkgirl: The library?
  • GL: I wanna barrow up on my history.
  • Jeffrey: Hm...
  • (They enter the library)
  • GL: Hello?!
  • Nails: Shhhhhhhhh!!! *whispers* This is a library! *chuckles*
  • Xion: Nails, there's nobody here.
  • Nails: Come on. That was funny.
  • Xion: *smiles and shakes her head*
  • (As the team walks around)
  • Nails: What?! Not even a pity laugh?!
  • Xion: *giggles* Sorry, Nails.
  • GL: *pulls out a random book and opens it.* Blank.
  • Hawkgirl: What?
  • Xion: Huh?
  • GL: *pulls out another book and opens it. It's blank. He pulls out another one, opens it and flips through the pages* They're all uselss.
  • Alexis: Let's check some of the others sections.
  • (They spread out to check the other books)
  • Jaden: *pulls out "Moby Dick" and opens it* This one's blank too!
  • Jeffrey: *looks at "Frankenstien"* This one too.
  • Xion: *looks at "Alice in Wonderland"* Not even a picture!
  • Jesse: *pulls out "The Canterbury Tales" and opens it* What the-?!
  • Aqua: They're ALL blank.
  • Beetles: This doesn't make any sense though.
  • Spike: Why would they be blank?
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