Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is an upcoming crossover to be made by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.




The Lost Diadem

  • (Harry, Hermione and the Justice Guardians hear Ron screaming)
  • Midna: Now what?
  • Ono: That does NOT sound good...
  • (A yellow light comes from where Ron is heard screaming)
  • Xion: Huh?
  • (Ron runs up to them screaming)
  • Aqua: Ron?
  • Ron: GOYLE SET THE BLOODY PLACE ON FIRE!!!!! *grabs Hermione's hand and runs for it*
  • Jeffrey: ...!!! What?!
  • (A fire snake approaches the group)
  • Jeffrey: ...?! Run for it!!! *takes Aqua and Xion's hands and starts running*
  • Jaden: *grabs Alexis' hand and runs for it*
  • (The rest of the team runs for their lives)
  • Beetles: The freaking idiot!!!!
  • Midna: He's gonna get us all killed!!!
  • (As they run, Jesse bumps against Di Lung)
  • Di Lung: Watch where you going, ya foo!!!!
  • Meowth: What the--?
  • (The flames consume Di Lung)
  • Meowth: Geez...
  • Kion: Keep running!!!!
  • Meowth: ...! *yells in panic and runs*
  • Goyle: *waves his wand around trying to stop the Fiendfyre spell, but only makes it spread around more*
  • Xigbar: *smirks* Quite the light show.
  • (Draco and Blaise run for it from the fire)
  • Xigbar: *runs from the fire too*
  • (Goyle, unable to stop the spell he casted, tosses his wand in the flames)
  • Batty: Anyone got a plan?!
  • Jeffrey: *as he runs* Working on it!!
  • (A fire snake comes in front of them)
  • Sailor Mercury: MERCURY BUBBLE BLAST!!!!! *launches her attack at the fire snake*
  • Xion: *summons her Keyblade* Deep Freeze!!! *unleashes a strong ice attack at the fire snake*
  • Aqua: *launches a water attack at some of the flames with her Keyblade*
  • Tammy: *uses a strong ice breath at some of the flames*
  • Jaden: *draws a card* Go Elemental Hero BubbleMan!!! 
  • (BubbleMan gets summoned and douses out some flames)
  • Jeffrey: *unleashes an water attack and helps Aqua deal with the flames*
  • Discord: *as a firemen* Let's get the search and rescue team going!!! *uses a hose to douse some flames out*
  • Snowflake: *summons a rain cloud and uses it on the flames*
  • Fuli: Easy now, Scarlet!!!
  • Snowflake: Sorry.

Vs. Snake Jafar

  • Heatblast: *blasting Snake Jafar with fireballs* Hey, guys! You ever see that Disney movie Tarzan?
  • Sailor Jupiter: Jesus, Jeffrey!!! How old is this kid?!
  • Jeffrey: Sorry about this. He's 10 years old.
  • Heatblast: You know that part during that one song where Tarzan fights that snake?
  • (As he talks, Heatblast leads Snake Jafar around a big pillar, attempting to get him tangled)
  • Simba: Maybe the kid's onto something!
  • Twilight: All right! Everyone lead Jafar around the pillars!!
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