Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Epic is a upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


A teenage girl named Mary Kathrine moves in with her dad, who's studying a small race of leaf people. After some events, Mary, along with our heroes, end up getting shrunk down to the same size as the leaf people and get involved in a war against the evil Mandrake.


  • Sora, Donald, Goofy, Weebo, Grundel will guest star in this.
  • Beetles gets his wings taken in this Adventure. But Xion later gets them back and avenges Beetles' honor.


Beetles looses his wings

  • Jaden: *running* Come on!! We've gotta protect the queen!!
  • (While the team is running, Grundel jumps down from a tree and lands in front of the team)
  • Beetles: *sceams* GRUNDEL!!!!!
  • Grundel: *laughs* Revenge time!!!
  • Xion: *gasps*
  • Grundel: *grabs Beetles by the throat*
  • Beetles: *gasping for breathe* Let me go.....
  • Grundel: It's payback for taking Thumbelina away from me!!!! *rips off Beetles' wings*
  • Beetles: NO!!! MY WINGS!!!!!
  • Xion: *growls* You monster! *charges at Grundel*
  • (A Boggan shoots an arrow in front of Xion's path causing it to rot)
  • Xion: *gasps*
  • Grundel: *lets go of Beetles* And you're next, Jaden!!!
  • Jeffrey: *growls* GRUNDEL!!
  • Jaden: I keep telling you!!! I'm not the reason Thumbelina wouldn't marry you, you did that on your own!!!
  • Grundel: *growls* LIES!!!!! Lies!!! Nothing by lies!!! You took her from me, now I take your life!!! *charges at Jaden*
  • Jeffrey: *snarls as he blocks Grundel's path* Stay away from my brother!!!
  • Grundel: *growls* Fine! I get him later!!! Besides *shows Beetles' wings* I've got what I came here for!!! *runs away laughing*
  • Xion: NO!!
  • Beetles: My wings.. *sniffs* He took my wings again.....
  • Xion: I'll get them back, Uncle Beetles.
  • Beetles: You...... you will?
  • Xion: I promise. I won't let that big fat ugly toad get away with this!

Final Battle

  • Grundel: *grins* How 'bout trade?
  • Beetles: ...! A trade?
  • Grundel: *holds out Beetles wings* I give you wings for pod!
  • Xion: *growls*
  • Beetles: ............ NO!!!! I don't care if I'll never fly again!!!! I won't make deals with fat ugly creeps like you!!!!
  • Grundel: *growls* No matter. I still crush you! AND since you no care you fly anymore, I get rid of wings!!!! *prepares to rip them up*
  • Beetles: *gasps*
  • Xion: ....!! *growls, charges at Grundel and tackles him*
  • Grundel: OOF!!!!
  • Xion: This time, Grundel, i crush YOU! *grabs Beetles' wings* Uncle Beetles? I think these belong to you.
  • Beetles: ...! *smiles*
  • Xion: *smiles and straps Beetles' wings on his back* What do you say we take down Mr. Toad here for good, huh? *summons her Keyblade*
  • Beetles: *takes out his cane* With pleasure!!!
  • Xion: *smiles and nods*
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