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Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Batman: The Animated Series - Pretty Poison is an upcoming crossover to be made by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.




Dinner at the Rose Cafe

  • (Bruce, Harvey, Pam and the Justice Guardians are having supper at the Rose Cafe)
  • Bruce: *laughs as he picks up his drink* You should've seen Harvey's face!
  • Jaden: *chuckles as he picks up his Diet Coke* I'm sure it was priceless!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* I second that notion.
  • (Pam and Harvey laugh in reaction)
  • Xion: *giggles*
  • Tammy: *laps her water gently*
  • DJ: *eats his meal politely*
  • Pam: *checks her watch* Oh look at the time. I have to run.
  • Jeffrey: *as he eats* Hmm?
  • Harvey: So soon?
  • Pam: I'm sorry. I have an early meeting tomorrow. But you stay.
  • Pinkie Pie: *smiles* More for us!
  • Diego: You're a bottomless pit, Pinkie.
  • DJ: *to himself* Tell me about it.
  • Harvey: *in a disappointed tone, to Pam* No.....
  • Jeffrey: *continues eating*
  • Aqua: *smiles* Aww, Harvey. Don't be upset. You'll see each other again.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* She's right.
  • Pam: *smiles* I insist. Spend some time with your crazy friends.
  • DJ: *continues eating politely*

Who poisoned Harv?

  • Alexis: Hold on. I don't recall Harv eating a morsel of his food.
  • Xion: Me either.

Torturing Poison Ivy

  • Batman: *uses a knife to cut the vines of the monstrous fly trap, making it let go of him*
  • Poison Ivy: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • Xion: *smirks and steps on a flower* Oops!
  • Poison Ivy: *angrily* How dare you?!?!!?
  • DJ: ...! *chomps on another flower*
  • Tammy: *digs up several flowers*
  • Jeffrey: Fire! *uses a fire spell on some plants*
  • Poison Ivy: *screams*
  • Patch: *digs up some flowers*
  • Jaden: *plucks a flower out the ground and removes the petals, to Alexis* She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me. She loves me not.
  • Alexis: *giggles*
  • Jesse: *carves his name on a tree trunk with a pocketknife*
  • Puss: *uses his sword to carves his name on another tree*
  • Poison Ivy: *points a dart at Batman* MURDERER!!!!!!! *shoots it at Batman*
  • (Batman ducks and the dart ends up shooting through the monstrous fly trap)
  • Poison Ivy: *gasps*
  • Meowth: Who's the murderer now, Ivy?!
  • (The monstrous fly trap squeals loudly in pain)
  • Aqua: *covers her ears*
  • Xion: *covers her ears*
  • Jaden: *covers his ears* Geez that thing is loud!!!!!
  • Jeffrey: *covers his ears* You can say that again!!!!
  • Jaden: What was that?!?!?
  • Jeffrey: ...Never mind!!!
  • Tammy: *meows in pain as she covers her ears*
  • DJ: *meows in pain too as he covers his ears*
  • Beetles: *covers his ears* What kinda fly trap is that?!?!!?
  • Batty: *covers his ears* Major audio pollution!!!!
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