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Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Batman: The Animated Series - Joker's Wild is an upcoming crossover to be made by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.



  • During this episode, Alexis hates her time at the casino since she is against gambling.


Casino News

  • (The TV shows Summer Gleeson)
  • Summer: This is Summer Gleeson live at Gotham Palasades Boardwalk where it's opening day at billionaire Cameron Kaiser's latest showplace resort. Total price tag for this fund-seekers mecha, nearly $300,000,000.
  • Jeffrey: Hm...
  • Alexis: Did I have to come here? I hate casinos...
  • Jeffrey: I know. But this doesn't feel right.
  • Jaden: I know how you feel about gambling, honey. But we're just here to make a public appearance. That's all.
  • Alexis: I just hope it doesn't last long.
  • (Summer holds the microphone in front of Mr. Kaiser)
  • Kaiser: It's true, Summer. I've set out to create the most obulant gambling resort in the world. After all, what's a few million here and there as long as my guests are happy.
  • Jeffrey: *listens silently*
  • Summer: Gotham's elite have turned out in style for the opening. *approaches Bruce Wayne* Bruce Wayne. Perhaps you can give us a hint about the top secret theme of Mr. Kaiser's new casino.
  • Bruce Wayne: Looks like we'll find together, Summer.
  • Summer: And what are your thoughts, Mr. Dragonheart?
  • Jeffrey: Hard to say. Anyone's guess is as good as mine.
  • Jaden: I'm with my big brother on this one. The possibilties are infinite.
  • Alexis: *thinks to herself* Oh, brother.
  • Kaiser: *holding a big pair of scissors* Ladies and gentlemen!! The wait is over!! I officially welcome you one and all!!! *cuts the ribbon with the scissors* To Joker's Wild!!!
  • (The tarp falls off, revealing a big carving of the Joker's head that laughs)
  • Joker: *watching this* SAY WHAT?!?
  • (The Justice Guardians were shocked)
  • Aqua: Are you kidding me?!?
  • Xion: *gasps*
  • Tammy: *shrieks in fright*
  • DJ: *gasps*
  • Princess Cadence: What a horrid sight...
  • Jeffrey: Yikes...
  • Summer: *to herself* Ugh! That's disgusting!
  • Cameraman: *whispers* Psst! Summer, we're on the air!
  • Summer: Oh! Uh-! *smiles* There you have it! Let's get a reaction from the guests! Uh, Mr Wayne! *holds the microphone in front of him*
  • Bruce: No comment.
  • Summer: Mr. Dragonheart?
  • Jeffrey: No comment! *to the team* Let's go, guys!
  • Jaden: ...... You heard him! Let's move!
  • (The Justice Guardians followed Bruce Wayne away from the casino)

In the casino

  • (In a casino resort room)
  • Scamper: So much for being here just to make a public appearance...
  • Alexis: *sighs in annoyance* Did you have to bring me to this awful place, Jeffrey...?
  • Jeffrey: I don't like it anymore than you do, but a casino based on the Joker? We can't ignore that. Kaiser's up to something.
  • Alexis: You said we would just be here for a public apperance. I didn't think you'd bring me inside this horrible place!
  • Jeffrey: I'm sorry...
  • Jaden: Honey. I know you don't believe in luck and hate gambling. But I promise. Once we find out what's going on, we will make it up to you.
  • Alexis: You promise?
  • Pinkie Pie: Cross our hearts, hope to fly and stick a cupcake in our eyes!
  • Alexis: *sighs* .... Fine. But don't force me to gamble. Please.
  • Jeffrey: We promise!
  • Alexis: I'm sorry! Really.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* It's okay. The sooner we find out Kaiser's up to, the better we can leave.
  • Xion: Where do we start, daddy?
  • Jeffrey: *starts thinking* Hm...
  • Aqua: I say we check Kaiser's office.
  • Jeffrey: *nods* Agreed.
  • (Batman comes in)
  • Batman: Ready?
  • The Mask: *as a sailor* Ready to go, mon capitaine!
  • Jaden: Alright. Let's go.
  • Xion: Time to get this over with.
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