Feat of Clay-Title Card

Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Batman: The Animated Series - Feat of Clay is an upcoming crossover to be made by tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


Roland Daggett has actor Matt Hagen use his special cream called Renuyu to frame Bruce Wayne in a crime. But when Matt Hagen gets too addicted to the stuff, he transforms into a monstrous shape-shifting criminal known as Clayface! 



Interogating Germs

  • Batman: *in a threatening tone* Now, the man who impersonated Bruce Wayne. We want his name!!
  • Jeffrey: *growls*
  • Germs: I uh- *stutters* I don't know who....
  • Jaden: You DO know, and we want that information!!
  • Aqua: Start talking or else!!
  • Batman: .... *grabs a disease jar* Hmmmmmm. "Crimson Fever". Lousy way to go. *places the jar on a shelf above Germs' head* No cure you know.
  • Jaden: *grabs another jar* And what's this? "Ebola". I hear it's nasty. *puts the jar on the same shelf*
  • Jeffrey: *grabs another jar* "Swine Flu", huh? Wouldn't wanna have THAT, would we? *puts the jar with the other two jars on the shelf*
  • Alexis: *grabs another jar* Oh my. "Syphilis". I'd sure hate to open this one. *puts the jar on the shelf with the other jars*
  • Xion: *looks at a jar* "Cholera". Now that's not a pretty sight.
  • Batman: *to Germs* The name!!!! NOW!!!
  • Jeffrey: Don't make us show another jar!
  • Germs: Okay!!! OKAY!!!! It was Hagen!!! Matt Hagen!!! The movie actor!!!
  • (Batman, unconvinced, punches the wall hard, making the jars shake.)
  • Jeffrey: You'd better tell the truth!!!
  • Germs: ....!!!!!!!!!! IT'S THE TRUTH!!!! I swear!!!!
  • Jeffrey: *glares at Germs*
  • Batman: Than how did he fool Fox?!? He's good, but no actor, no makeup, is that good!!!
  • Aqua: *looks at a jar* "Bird Flu". Would be a shame if anyone got this.
  • Germs: I- I don't know!!!
  • (Enraged, Batman violently punches the wall again, making the disease jars shake more)
  • Jeffrey: *growls at Germs*
  • Germs: *gasps in fear* YOU'RE CRAZY!!!!!


  • (In the Batcave)
  • Jaden: Any idea what this "Renuyu" is yet, guys?
  • Jeffrey: Still looking. *looks a sample under a microscope* This is interesting.
  • DJ: What is?
  • Jeffrey: The chemical properties of this stuff are so strong that it causes the cells of any living being to loosen.
  • Xion: Weird...
  • Jeffrey: This might explain Hagen's condition. And it looks like it's getting worse.
  • Alexis: How so?
  • Batman: Because the chemical's in this stuff are addictive.
  • Xion: Hm...
  • Tammy: Big sistew...?
  • Xion: I wonder...
  • DJ: What is it?
  • Xion: ...Well...what if Hagen really is responsible for those crimes?
  • Jesse: Than this must the stuff he used to fool Fox with.
  • Atticus: Mr. Dagget's been busy.
  • Xion: The question is, where did he get it from?
  • Aqua: This is one of his products, sweetie.
  • Xion: Right.
  • Batman: I have an idea. *on a communicator* Alfred. Aquire the Matt Hagen movies you can get.
  • Alfred: Yes sir.

Vs. Clayface

  • (Batman and the Justice Guardians arrive at Galaxy Broadcasting in disguise)
  • Jeffrey: *looks around*
  • Bartok: So what's the plan again?
  • Jeffrey: Find Matt and bring him in.
  • Jaden: You really think we can cure him?
  • Jeffrey: Yeah. At least...I hope so.
  • Aqua: Depends if we can reach out to him.
  • Bartok: And if we can't?
  • Jeffrey: Then we do what we have to. What we came here to do.
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