This is a chronicles story involving the Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures team, Hiccup's Adventures team and Rapunzel & Bambi's Ohana going on a vacation together. But a storm causes the teams to be stranded on a island together.

Main characters

  • The Justice Guardians
  • Team Berk
  • Bambi & Rapunzel's Ohana

Chapter 1: A Vacation Plan

  • (Jaden, Jeffrey and their team were taking a break from their adventures and decided to go on vacation. But they were having trouble figuring out where to go on vacation.)
  • Jeffrey: Hm...
  • Jaden: I say Domino City for our vacation.
  • Beast Boy: Dude, we went there last time.
  • May: How 'bout Paris? I'd love to see the city of romance again.
  • Scamper: No thanks. I ain't interested.
  • Jeffrey: ...Hm. Hey! How about a cruise?
  • Aqua: A cruise? .... *smiles* I like that idea.
  • Rarity: A cruise would be splendid.
  • Beetles: Can we afford it, though?
  • Jeffrey: Yeah. We do have enough money.
  • Jaden:.... I change my mind. A cruise sounds more funy and relaxing.
  • Jeffrey: Hm...i feel like we're missing something. We have the money, we'll have the tickets and we'll know which cruise ship we'll go on. I think we should have some more.
  • Xion: What do you mean, daddy?
  • Jeffrey: me crazy, but i think we should bring some friends with us.
  • Alexis: Like who?
  • Jeffrey: Like Hiccup and his team.
  • Twilight: Good idea. Besides, I think we should enjoy a vacation with them together.
  • Aqua: I agree.
  • Jeffrey: And maybe Rapunzel and her Ohana.
  • Alexis: *smiles* It would be great to see Rapunzel again.
  • Baby Lily: *blushes and thinks to herself* And Robin too.
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