Super Watermelon Island 000

Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends meet Steven Universe - Super Watermelon Island is an upcoming crossover to be made by Ren the God of Humor, Aaron the Meerkat and Tigerman531.


When Steven dreams that he is a Watermelon Steven at Mask Island, he discovers Malachite! So Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Jaden, Jeffrey, Hiccup and their team must go and confront her.



Alexandrite vs Malachite

  • Garnet: Alright. Let's put an end to this.
  • (Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl dance and fuse, forming Alexandrite)
  • Malachite: Give up! Argh!
  • (Malachite breaks her chains)
  • Malachite: *panting* I'm impressed! You really held out.
  • Alexandrite: Malachite!
  • Malachite: Huh! They're here! *grunts* Ugh, Stop! Pathetic! Don't you see? We've been holding us back for too long. And for what? If we're going to be this thing together, why don't we have some fun
  • Alexandrite: We don't have to fight! You're outnumbered.
  • Jaden: *activates his Duel Disk* Bring it on!!!!
  • Jeffrey: *eyes glow draconically and summons his Keyblade*
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