Made of Honor 000

Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends meet Steven Universe - Made of Honor is an upcoming crossover to be made by Ren the God of Humor, Aaron the Meerkat and Tigerman531.



  • Bismuth will join the team at the end of the Adventure.


Bismuth Learns the Truth

  • (In the Temple)
  • Snowflake: Are you sure about this, Steven? Bismuth tried to attack you last time.
  • Steven: She needs to know the truth. Besides, Ruby and Sapphire needs this.
  • Rocko: oh dear. do we got to?
  • Jaden: I'm sure if we tell her the truth, we can have peace with her.
  • Jeffrey: Let's do it.
  • Hiccup: but Just in Case...*Grabs his inferno sword*
  • The Mask: *puts on a bunch of armor* Safety first!
  • (Sora, Kairi and Riku summon their Keyblades)
  • Filburt: oh boy.. *Hides his head in the shell*
  • Yugi: ..... Go ahead, Steven. We're ready.
  • (Steven frees Bismuth's gem from and puts it down as it glowed, forming into Bismuth)
  • Bismuth: *fells down and thud* Oh! *uh..... hmmm? I'm back?
  • Alexis: Uh.... welcome back....
  • Steven: *nervously* Hey, Bismuth. Long time no see...
  • Fluttershy: ...Hi?
  • Hiccup: Hi...
  • Bismuth: Rose....... I mean, Steven.....
  • Steven: Ooooooooh, there's a third option now....
  • May: We.... have some explaining to do....
  • Rocko: oh my..
  • DJ: *gulps*
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