Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends meet Moana is an upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531, Aaron the Meerkat and Ren the God of Humor.


Jaden, Jeffrey, Hiccup and their teams meet a village chief's daughter named Moana who wishes to travel on the ocean and become a wayfinder. When her island becomes endangered due to a powerful and magical artifact called the Heart of Te Fiti being stolen, Moana, the Justice Guardians and Team Berk must take a journey across the ocean in order to return it. Along the way, they encounter a famous demi-god named Maui who wields a magical fish hook that gives him the power to shape-shift.


  • Kion, Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Max Tennyson, King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, Meta Knight, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Donald Duck and Goofy will guest star in this.
  • Scrat, Pinky and the Brain will make several appearances in this.
  • In order to travel with Moana and Maui, the Justice Guardians and Team Berk will use the Yachtweiler in this Adventure.



  • (The Justice Guardians, Team Berk and some friends are on the Yachtweilier, sailing on the ocean)
  • Nails: *humming as he fishes*
  • Sora: *yawns, stretches and smiles* Nice day.



  • Tamatoa: *laughs as he holds Moana, Jaden, Jeffrey and Hiccup* What have we here?
  • Spike: ...!!!!!! THAT'S Tamatoa...?
  • Kion: Hevi Kabisa!!!
  • Rocko: No wonder Mr. Krabs is the only Crab.
  • Xion: *gasps*
  • Sid the Sloth: Holy Crab!!!
  • Tammy: ....!!! *wags her tail* That is one big crab!
  • DJ: *licks his lips*
  • Snowflake: *drools a bit* Good thing I haven't eaten yet.
  • Toothless: *Drools*
  • Batty: *gulps*
  • Jaden: *staring at Tamatoa with fear* I'm surprised....
  • Hiccup: *Shaking in Fear* .....C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-Crabzilla........
  • Jeffrey: *fearfully* Whoa...
  • Jaden: Hope you're feeling hungry, big brother.
  • Jeffrey: That makes two of us. I never ate anything this big...
  • Hiccup: Please don't eat us Crabzilla......
  • Garnet: *Hiding and Whispers* Our Baby...
  • Steven: *Whispers* My Brother.....
  • Baby Lily: *hugs Alexis and whimpers quietly*
  • Alexis: Ssh ssh sh sh sh. Don't be scared Lily. But don't let him hear you.
  • Baby Lily: *nods*
  • Tuff: *whispers* How are we gonna help them?
  • Jesse: *whispers* We'll just have to hope that they can get Tamatoa to talk about himself long enough for Maui to get his hook back.
  • Sid: *gulps quietly*
  • Tamatoa: It's a sparkly... Shiny.. *notices that there's Moana, Jaden, Jeffrey, and Hiccup inside the Gold Disguises* Wait a minute... *tosses them in the air, making the gold fall off them and catches them in his claw*
  • Jeffrey: ...Uh oh
  • Tamatoa: It's humans!!!
  • Jaden: *chuckles nervously* Hello...
  • Jeffrey: ...!
  • Hiccup: uh........ we come in Peace?
  • Tamatoa: What're you doing down here in the realm of the mons-!!
  • (As he speaks, Moana, Jeffrey, Jaden and Hiccup are having trouble deciding which of Tamatoa's eyes to focus on)
  • Jeffrey: *whispers to Jaden and Hiccup* Which eye are you guys looking at?
  • Jaden: *whispers* Which ever one is moving.
  • Jeffrey: *whispers back* Same here.
  • Tamatoa: Just pick an eye, guys. I can't- I can't concentrate on what I'm saying if you keep-
  • (Moana, Jeffrey, Jaden and Hiccup look left to right trying to decide which eye to focus on)
  • Jeffrey: Uh...
  • Hiccup: we can't, it's so hard to pick one eye if you keep Moving them.
  • Tamatoa: Yeah. Pick one. Pick one!!!
  • Hiccup: Yeah, But your Eye. But Um. Ah, *Stammering* Ok, You know what, Forget it, I'm not gonna pick one.
  • Jeffrey: Man, I'm gonna get a headache just by watching them both move around.
  • Tamatoa: You're funny looking little things, aren't you? *touches the necklace on Moana*
  • Jeffrey: *thinks to himself* Uh oh!
  • Moana: *shields her necklace* Don't!!! That's my grandma's!!!
  • Tamatoa: *mocks her* "That's my grandma's!!!" *using his normal voice* I ate my grandma!!!
  • Jaden: ...!!! Seriously?
  • Hiccup: You Ate your Grandma?! How?!
  • Jeffrey: Dude, you are CRAZY!!
  • Tamatoa: And it took a week 'cause she was absolutely humongous.
  • Hiccup: *Scoffs* I bet you didn't ate your her son.
  • Jeffrey: Ugh...
  • (During this, Maui and the rest of the team members sneak their way to get onto Tamatoa's shell)
  • Aqua: *thinks to herself* Be careful, guys.
  • Steven: Oh man....
  • Tamatoa: *to Moana, Jaden, Jeffrey and Hiccup* Why are you here?
  • Jeffrey: *gulps quietly* Look, we don't mean any trouble.
  • (Maui accidentally makes a noise)
  • Tamatoa: ...!!!! *about to look behind him*
  • Jeffrey: ...!!
  • Moana: ...!!! Because you're amazing!!!
  • Tamatoa: *focuses back on Moana, Jeffrey, Jaden and Hiccup*
  • Hiccup: Uh.... Yeah, We came to tell you that you're awesome! right guys?
  • Jeffrey: ...! Oh, yes!


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