S2e9 mabel the love god

Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends go to Gravity Falls - The Love God is an upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531, Aaron the Meerkat and Ren the God of Humor.




Love God at work

  • Mabel: They're gonna make a snadger. How are you doing that?
  • Love God: Love potion, yo. *show the bottles on his belt* I got it all. Summer love. Young love. Anti-love. *dips his finger a potion* You just gotta put a little on your fingers and pow! *snaps his finger*
  • Jaden: ...!!! You can't use love potions! Those are illegal in ToonTown!!
  • Scamper: *to himself* Oh, this is gonna end well.
  • Steven: Love Potion?
  • Princess Cadence: Don't ask, Steven. Those things are more dangerous than they sound. More importantly, they're a dishonest way of gaining love.
  • Xion: Exactly.
  • Snotlout: Says the pony who uses love magic!!! Hypocrite!
  • Princess Cadence: No! That's different. I use my magic to FIX love! Not create it!
  • Steven: wow I wish I can heal everyone with love.
  • DJ: Oh, man...
  • Love god: You dudes may call it "cheating", but what I do is a gift for others.
  • Xion: *sarcastically* Sure, it is.
  • Hiccup: if you use that potion, it ain't gonna last.
  • Mabel: *gets an idea* I need that potion!! How much would it cost?! *sees a squirrel in the diner, grabs it and holds it out to the love god* And would you accept squirrel's as payment?!
  • Astrid: Are you crazy?!
  • DJ: Mabel, don't!
  • Shining Armor: Did my wife not make it clear that those things are dangerous and dishonest?!
  • Xion: Not to mention illegal!
  • Astrid: Like Hiccup Said, It ain't gonna last!
  • Love god: Whoa! Relax. I'll handle this, peeps. *to Mabel* No way. You might think you know what's best for people but this stuff can have major social consequences. That's why it can only be used by a serious expert.
  • Princess Cadence: Exactly my point.
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