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Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends go to Gravity Falls - The Inconveniencing is an upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531, Aaron the Meerkat and Ren the God of Humor.




Dusk 2 Dawn

  • (Mabel approaches a stand for a product called "Smile Dip". The stand is covered in tape that says "Do Not Sell.")
  • Mabel: Oh my gosh! Smile Dip! *picks up a pack* I thought this stuff was banned in America!
  • Dipper: Maybe they had a good reason.
  • Xion: I'll say. You should leave this stuff alone, Mabel.
  • Midna: The tape on it even says "Do Not Sell."
  • DJ: Exactly.
  • Mabel: I've ALWAYS wanted to try this stuff!!! It's been my dream!! *eyes widen and softer voice* My dream....
  • Donald: All right then. Learn the hard way.
  • (A water balloon filled with mustard gets thrown at Dipper and hits him)
  • Baby Lily: *reaches for a packet of Smile Dip*
  • Midna: *stops her* No, Lily.
  • Tuffnut: Whoa......smile dip....
  • Baby Lily: But it wooks so pwetty!
  • DJ: Did you check the block though?
  • Baby Lily: The what?
  • Xion: *checks the nutrition block on one of the packets*
  • Jiminy: *hops onto her shoulder* What does it say?
  • Xion: *reads the nutrition block* ....!!!! That's a LOT of sugar.....
  • DJ: Yikes...
  • (Mabel takes out a stick from the packet, dips it in, looks at the stick, then dumps the whole packet of dip in her mouth!)
  • Xion: Whoa! Mabel, that's too much!
  • Blaze: *crosses her arms* Let her learn the hard way.
  • Tammy: Oh, brother...
  • Rocko: Uh guys? *Points at Ruffnut and tuffnut are eating smile dip with mabel*
  • Weebo: This is not going to end well....
  • DJ: Oh, not you guys too...
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