S2e3 The Battle Begins

Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends go to Gravity Falls - The Golf War is an upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531, Aaron the Meerkat and Ren the God of Humor.




Putt-Putt Golf

  • (The Pines family, Soos, the Justice Guardians and Team Berk arrive at "Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt")
  • Jeffrey: Not bad.
  • Jaden: *smiles* This is gonna bring back ol' memories.
  • Baby Lily: You played mini golf, Daddy?
  • Jaden: *smiles* In my youth when I was your cousin's age.
  • Baby Lily: *smiles* Ooh!
  • Hiccup: Let's see how you did Jaden.
  • Mabel: *smiles* Ah, mini golf. The sport of mini-champions.
  • Dipper: The grass is fake, but the fun is real. There's something here for everyone.
  • (Robbie is seen make a graffiti saying "wieners" on a castle wall)
  • Mattress King: Hey, you! Stop!
  • (Robbie runs for it)
  • Mattress King: Come back here!
  • (He turns on his golf cart and attempts to go after Robbie)
  • Mattress King: Hey, those are lewd hand gestures!
  • Midna: *seeing this* Oooooooooooooookay than.....
  • Scamper: Yep. This place has something for everyone, all right.
  • Tuffnut: Hey why is that guy running sounded like me?
  • Aqua: Let's just get a club and golfball for each of us and have fun.
  • Xion: *smiles* I'm looking forward to this.
  • Jaden: *smiles and takes his club and a red golf ball*
  • Alexis: *smiles and takes a blue golf ball and a club*
  • Aqua: *smiles as she takes another blue golf ball and a club*
  • Hiccup: *Watching*
  • Tammy: *picks a club and a purple golf ball*
  • DJ: *picks up a club and a green golf ball*
  • Snowflake: *picks a pink golf ball and a club*
  • Jeffrey: *takes a red golf ball and a club*
  • May: *smiles* Gonna get one, Xion?
  • Xion: *smiles* Sure. *takes a club and purple golf ball*
  • May: *picks up an orange golf ball and a club* Not surprised you picked purple.
  • Xion: *giggles*
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