Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends get Tangled: Before Ever After is an upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531, Aaron the Meerkat and Ren the God of Humor.


The Justice Guardians and Team Berk return to Corona and reunite with Rapunzel and Eugene. Now that she's reunited with her parents, Rapunzel must be ready to become a princess. But she doesn't wish to stay in the castle. So she goes to seek an adventure, but after encountering a mysterious writing, her long golden hair returns!



Trying to cut Rapunzel's hair

  • Jaden: I think I have an idea that might work!
  • Xion: You do?
  • Jaden: *draws a card from his deck* I summon Elemental Hero BladeEdge!!!
  • (BladeEdge gets summoned)
  • Hiccup: Hope This work.
  • Jeffrey: It has to.
  • Jaden: Do your thing, BladeEdge!
  • (BladeEdge tries to cut Rapunzel's hair but it's unaffected)
  • Jeffrey: What the--?!
  • (BladeEdge tries again by no affect)
  • Baby Lily: It's not working, Daddy...
  • Snotlout: Here, let me handle this, HookFang fire Her Hair!
  • Hookfang: *Breathes fire at her hair, but it is Fireproof*
  • Snotlout: What?! Her Hair is Fireproof Too?!
  • Aqua: Careful! We don't want to burn Rapunzel in the process!
  • Discord: This should do the trick. *summons a welding tool*
  • Cassandra: Careful now!
  • (Discord uses the welding tool on Rapunzel's hair, but to no avail)
  • Midna: *sarcastically* That worked.
  • Astrid: Here, let me Try, Stormfly, Spine Shoot!
  • Stormfly: *Shoots Spines at Rapunzel's Hair but The Spines Bounces Back and Shoots at Snotlout*
  • Snotlout: Watch Your aim!
  • Beetles: Your turn, Jeffrey!
  • Jeffrey: Maybe this will help. *takes out his lightsaber and activates it*
  • Rapunzel: What is that?
  • Jeffrey: Let's just say that it's a gift from some old friends. Now hold still.
  • Rapunzel: *holds still*
  • (Jeffrey uses his lightsaber to cut Rapunzel's hair, but it doesn't work)
  • Rainbow Dash: Are you kidding me?!?
  • Jeffrey: ...Hm. It's like clashing with another lightsaber. *deactivates the lightsaber* This may be harder than i thought.
  • Rapunzel: *hyperventilates*
  • Jeffrey: ...!! It's okay, Rapunzel. We'll figure this out. *to himself softly as he paces* Come on, Jeffrey. Think.
  • Spike: Why don't we try freezing it?
  • Tammy: ...! That's it! Stand back! *uses her ice breath on Rapunzel's hair*
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