Spike facing an angry mob of delegates S5E10

Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends' Storm Adventures of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Princess Spike is an upcoming crossover to be made by Ren the God of Humor, Aaron the Meerkat and tigerman531.


Exhausted from her responsiblities, Spike is instructed so that no one distrubs Twilight while she sleeps.



Sneeze Trees

  • Spike: Oh no!!! Are those Dragon Sneeze Trees?!?
  • Jaden: ....!!! Uh oh...
  • Jeffrey: ...!!! Ah...ah...
  • Jesse: Jeffrey!!!! Don't!!!!
  • Rocko: Hit The Deck!!!!!
  • Jeffrey: Ah...ah...AHHH... *sneezes loudly and sneezes out fire*
  • Beetles: *dubbed as Jiminy* Gesundheit!
  • Jeffrey: *sniffles* Thanks...

  • Jaden: Jeffrey!!! No!!! Don't sneeze again!!!!
  • Jeffrey: Ah...ah...
  • (Pikachu quickly stops Jeffrey from sneezing)
  • Aqua: *sneezes loudly*
  • Batty: Bless you...
  • Aqua: *sniffs and moans* I feel stuffed-up...
  • Xion: *sniffs* Me too.
  • Jeffrey: *sniffs* So do i...
  • Toothless: *is about to sneeze*
  • Nails: No, Toothless!!! Don't!!!
  • (Nails and Olaf grab Toothless' mouth)
  • Olaf: *sighs in relief* That was close!
  • Nails: Whew!
  • Midna: Get them away from the trees! Quick!
  • Jaden: *takes Aqua by the hand and quickly pulls her away from the trees*
  • Alexis: *takes Jeffrey by the hand and quickly gets him away from the trees*
  • Joey: *takes Xion by the hand and quickly pulls her away from the trees*
  • Jaden: Who plants trees like that?!?
  • Jeffrey: No idea. *sniffs*
  • Jaden: *gives Jeffrey a tissue*
  • Jeffrey: *takes it* Thanks, bro. If we stood there any longer, we'd probably sneeze our brains out.
  • Aqua: *moans and sniffs* I say we let this pony cut the trees down, Spike.
  • Xion: I second that motion.
  • Spike: But Twilight is trying to sleep!!!
  • Toothless: *Sniffs*
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