Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends' Storm Adventures of Atlantis: Milo's Return is an upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531, Ren the God of Humor and Aaron the Viking Meerkat.


The Justice Guardians travel to Atlantis once again and reunite with Milo Thatch and Kida. When the world is threatened by mysterious beings, the team must head to the surface and end the threats.


  • Lumiere, Cogsworth, Freako, Shreako, Meako, Trixie and Grubber will guest star in this.


Kraken Attack

  • Mole: *eating cheese and bread* She is right! No creature of flesh and blood can bring down a steel cargo ship!
  • Jeffrey: First time for everything.
  • Alexis: Mole. You obviously have no idea what creatures we've dealt with since our last meeting. Some were from other planets.
  • Fluttershy: And some that i would rather just forget about...
  • (Suddenly, the ship starts to shake and make noises)
  • Cogsworth: Good heavens!! What was that?!
  • Audrey: Something's got the ship!!
  • Spike: I don't like the sound of this, you guys!!!
  • (During the chaos, the cheese Mole has drops out of his hands and falls into the water)
  • Mole: My cheese!!!!
  • (Suddenly, a huge tentacle rose up from the water!)
  • Mole: *shocked* ...You can have it.
  • Aqua: *gasps in shock*
  • Xion: Whoa!!
  • Jaden: We have to stop it!!!
  • Milo: Get to the subpods! Vinny, we're gonna need that thing outta of the way!
  • Vinny: Coming up!! Extra oregano!!! *turns on a grenade and tosses it in the water*
  • (The grenade explodes, distracting the Kraken long enough for everyone to get into the subpods)
  • Jaden: Hurry, big bro!!!
  • Jeffrey: *jumps in with Jaden*

Battle against the Kraken

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