Jeffrey, Jaden, & Friends' meet Scary Godmother is a upcoming Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures crossover to be made by Tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.


It's Halloween, and a young little girl named Hannah is so scared of monsters that her cousin Jimmy and his friends play a nasty prank on her.


  • Princess Luna, Midna, will guest star in this.
  • This is the very first Halloween Lily celebrates.


Put the Scare on Jimmy

  • (The Supreme King walks in)
  • Jimmy: AH! *stutters* Who are you?!
  • Supreme King: I am the Supreme King! I am fear! I am your undoing! I am the timeless curse! The end of all things!!! *a dark power is unleashed from within him*
  • (Jimmy and his friends scream)
  • Supreme King: And now, it's time you mortals pay the price for your sins!!! *snaps his fingers*
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *appears by The Surpreme King's side and roars at the kids*
  • (Jimmy and his friends scream)
  • Supreme King: And now my loyal creature of the darkness, devour the mortals!!!
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: With pleasure. *licks his lips*
  • (Jimmy and his friends run from Dragon-Jeffrey)
  • (They hear a eerie laugh)
  • Katie: What was that?!
  • (From out of nowhere came Discord! Thunder rumbled as he laughed)

Hannah "saves the day"!

  • Supreme King: You'll never leave this place alive!!!
  • (Hannah shines her flashlight at the Supreme King)
  • Supreme King: *pretends to scream in pain* The light.... it's.... paralyzing.... my heart!!! *pretends to scream in pain and collapses*
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: Master!!! *growls*
  • (Hannah shines her flashlight at Dragon-Jeffrey)
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *groans* Not the light! It's too much for me! *faints*
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