Jeffrey and Aqua Kiss

Jeffrey & Aqua.

A list of romantic quotes Jeffrey gives to his wife, Aqua.


  • "Your eyes are like blue oceans, Aqua. They're deep and are mysterious as to how they stay so beautiful."
  • "Aqua: Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? Jeffrey: Yes, and I'm looking at her."
  • "Your name is equivalent to your beauty."
  • "You're my favorite shade of blue, Aqua."
  • "She's like an angel that came into my life."
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: "You know how every dragon protects his treasure?" Aqua: "Yes?" Dragon-Jeffrey: "'re MY treasure, Aqua."
  • "Your voice is so beautiful and soft-spoken. Every time I hear it, it's so soothing to me."
  • "I most certainly didn't fall in love with a witch. I fell in love with an angel."
  • (giving her a gemstone) "The most beautiful gem for the most beautiful girl i fell in love with".
  • You dress like a goddess, dear.
  • I love you, my ocean queen.
  • I lost my heart to Aqua the moment i first saw her.
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