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The Jedi Order are an ancient order of knights serving as protectors of the Galactic Republic for thousands of years, serving as peacekeepers who deal with threats like the Sith Empire. It is ruled by the Jedi Council on Coruscant, whose job is to decide which decide which Jedi goes where.


  1. They're not allow to marry or have children.
  2. Love is forbidden cause it leads to the Dark Side.
  3. Never let emotions get in the way of duty.
  4. Never form attachments.

It is these rules is which made the Order strong. However, it make them seem as emotionless by most people. Most, but not all. During the Clone Wars, the Order served as commanders and generals in the Clone army of the Republic. But their reputation sours when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine said that the Jedi are responsible for the war. Near the end of the Clone Wars, the Jedi got wiped out Order 66. The Order soon got revived by Luke Skywalker and became what was back in the days of the Old Republic with a few new rules, including Jedi Knights being allow to marry and have a family. However, the plan to revive the order back-fired when Ben Solo, his nephew and Han Solo and Leia Organa's son, now calling himself Kylo Ren, murders every Jedi Padawan and Luke, feeling responsible for the massacre, went into self-exile, extinguishing the Jedi Order from the Galaxy forever.



  • The Jedi Order exist not only in the Star Wars universe, but the entire Multiverse.
  • The Jedi Order is also part of the Twilight Order.
  • The Order also have the Gray Jedi, Jedi's who use both the light and dark side of the Force and follow there own rules.
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