Jasmine Lee

Jasmine Lee or "Ah-Mah" (Performed by Amy Hill) (Chinese translation "grandma") as Juniper calls her, is Dennis, June and Ray Ray's paternal grandmother, and the previous Te Xuan Ze. She appears as a supporting character in the Juniper Lee's Adventures Series.


Current Appearance

Ah-Mah is a gray haired old woman with some overweight, due to her age and a white streak of hair, not because of her age, but because of her Te Xuan Ze powers.

When Young

When she was young, she was very similar to June whe it comes to pysical aspect, though with some little differences, she also dyed the white streak in her hair purple.


She is calm and deliberate in most respects but crude and tough when she needs to be. The 69-year-old gives June advice on dealing with the magical community and their expectations of her, and assists her when she is in serious trouble. As of the "Monster Con" episode, and is pragmatic, in the sense that she prevents June from shirking her responsibilities.


Many in the magical world consider her to be the greatest Te Xuan Ze ever.

Powers and Abilities


After her father was no longer the Te Xuan Ze, Jasmine was became the Te Xuan Ze in his place and gained all of the powers that are associated with the role of "Protector" including superhuman strength, speed, durability etc. She also gained the ability to see through the magical barrier that prevents mortals from seeing magical creatures, and also acquired magical abilities of her own. As she served as the Te Xuan Ze and gained experience, Ah-Ma became a powerful and skilled user of magic. As she began to age past her prime, however, using these abilities began to wear on her physical being. Her stamina seemed to suffer the most, as she was unable to continue standing after two or three minutes of all out combat. She was effortlessly defeated by the "younger" Kai Yee and was forced to draw energy from the magical source in order to continue to fight him. This weakness due to age cements Ah-Ma as a former Te Xuan Ze and Protector, leaving the role and responsibility up to Juniper. 


  • Master Matial Artist: In "Little Big Mah", she claims that she knows about 26 different styles of hand-to-hand combat. 


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