Jaden meets Megamind is an upcoming Jaden's Adventures film created by Ren the God of Humor that will appear on YouTube in the late future.


Jaden and King Julien make a bet that if Jaden can't redeem another villain, Jaden has to celebrate King Julien Day for a week. But if Jaden wins, Julien has to treat Mort nicer. Jaden decides to redeem Megamind. So, he and his friends pretend to be evil and join Megamind as his minions. After Megamind destroys his nemesis Metro Man, defender of Metro City, Megamind takes over the city, but becomes tired of being evil. So he creates a new hero called Tighten, but Tighten turns evil and teams up with the Joker (Batman's archenemy), so Megamind, Jaden and his friends must stop them. 


  • King Julien, Maurice, Mort, and Joker will guest star in this.


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