Jaden meets Anastasia is an upcoming Jaden's Adventures movie that will be created by Ren the God of Humor.


The last heir to the Romanov family, Princess Anastasia, loses her memory of who she is and who her family was. It's up to Jaden and his team to help her regain her memories, with the help from Dimitri and Vladimir. But Set the God of Chaos, and the evil monk Rasputin have plans to kill them all.



  • A Rumor in St. Petersburg
  • Journey to the Past
  • Once Upon a December
  • In the Dark of The Night
  • Learn to do it
  • Paris Holds the Key To Your Heart


  • Rasputin: *jumps off the bridge and grabs Anastasia by the leg* 
  • Anastasia: *shrieks*
  • Empress Marie: Rasputin!!! *grabs Anastasia's arm*
  • Jaden: *gasps in horror* And Set!!! *activates his Duel Disk*
  • Set: *smirks and grabs Anastasia too* Did you think you can get away from us?!?
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