Jaden joins The Avengers is an upcoming Jaden's Adventures movie created by Ren the God of Humor.


Loki returns and steals the Tesseract to use it and unleash an army for him to control. Now it's up to Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Team Slifer to work together and save the world. But do they have the skills to work together as a team?



The phonecall

  • (A ringing is heard from Jaden's pocket)
  • Jaden: Hang on. Gotta take this. *answers his cellphone* Hello?
  • Jeffrey: *on the cellphone* Hey, Jaden! Nice job in New York!
  • Jaden: ....! Jeffrey? Is that you?!
  • Jeffrey: Yeah!
  • Jaden: Oh my gosh! You heard about our battle in New York?!
  • Jeffrey: Dude, are you kidding? It's all over the news!
  • Jaden: Sweetness. So, how have you and your team been?
  • Jeffrey: We've been doing great.
  • Jaden: *smiles* And how's my sweetheart of a niece been?
  • Jeffrey: She's been doing great! She's been talking about you and Alexis. That reminds me. Me and my team were gonna see Mystery Inc again, and we were wondering if you guys wanted to come.
  • Jaden: Another Adventure together?
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* If you're up for it. I know everyone in my team would be happy to see you guys again. Especially Xion.
  • Jaden: *smiles* Count us in, bro!
  • Jeffrey: Awesome! They'll be happy to hear this! We'll see you soon, okay?
  • Jaden: Yep! See you in a bit, bro!
  • Jeffrey: And hey. You did an awesome job in New York. Tell Tony I said "hi".
  • Jaden: I will, Jeff! See you soon. Bye!
  • Jeffrey: Later!
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