Tangled nov 2010(1)

Jaden gets Tangled is a future film created by Ren the God of Humor that will be published on YouTube.


A girl named Rapunzel lives in a tower, and has very long hair with healing and magical powers. She grew up being told from Mother Gothel that the world is a dangerous place, but Rapunzel wants to see it and have life outside the tower. When Jaden and his friends and a thief named Flynn Rider show up, they offer (Flynn was forced) to show Rapunzel the outside world. But Mother Gothel is determined to get Rapunzel back into the tower, so that she could use her hair to stay young forever. And Rasputin is determined to bring Jaden and his friends to his master Set the God of Chaos.



  • When Will My Life Begin
  • Mother Knows Best
  • I've Got a Dream
  • I See the Light


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