Jaden gets Brave is an upcoming Jaden's Adventures movie created by Ren the God of Humor.


It's Jaden and Alexis' wedding anniversary, and our team finds themselves in Scotland, where they meet a young princess named Merida, who is not like other princesses. Annoyed with being told what to do by her mom, and now she's unexpectedly betrothed. Displeased with this, Merida tries to change her fate, but the results causes her mom to be turned into a bear! Can Merida and Jaden and his team fix this before conflict starts?


  • Jeffrey will be mentioned in this Adventure.


Breaking Merida Out

  • (Jaden is trying to ram the door down himself. He tries several times but it doesn't work)
  • Alexis: Jaden!!! It's no use!!! Stop!!!
  • Jaden: *yells as he charges at the door one more time*
  • (The door doesn't knock down and Jaden, hurt with a sore arm slumps down and rubs his arm)
  • Alexis: Jaden.... There's no way we can get out without the key...
  • Jaden: We've gotta get outta here though!! We can't let Fergus kill Elinor!!!
  • Alexis: I know, Jaden. *sits next to him* But we'll think of something. I know we can.
  • Jaden: You don't understand, dear..... this isn't how I wanted to spend our wedding anniversary... I wanted it to be perfect for you, but now... things have just got worse for us AND Merida...
  • Alexis: Jaden... *hugs him and smiles a bit* I've been enjoying our anniversary from the start. As long as I'm with you and our family, I couldn't be happier.
  • Jaden: I just wish Jeffrey was here to help us...
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